Nimaway Web Commenters

Nimaway web was compromised by hackers recently due to a security hole in the comment login function where I allowed Google, Facebook and Twitter users to comment on blogs.   This feature has been removed.   I cannot have people that have nothing better to do  inject malicious code into my website.  My bad thinking  –  I thought people had better things to do.   The website had over 4,000 attacks in the last two weeks by people all over the world.   I guess conservatives are a clear mark.   Their hack allowed them to erase my blogs and backup files so I am unable to restore these blogs.   I do however have another method with my web provider that will keep these files in a secure area so they cannot be accessed in the future.  In the mean time my site is back up and I will continue to spew my conservative thoughts in defiance of the hackers that intend to shut my site down.

If you had registered in the past your user information was removed.   If you wish to comment on my blog you must register.

In the world of today the rules are changed.   I can see why people are closing their blogging sites and going to just commenting on news articles.   I don’t have the deep pockets of those that run big websites so I don’t have millions of dollars invested in servers with redundant files.

Anyway –  We are back up and I hope you have a great week.


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