The State of the State

It is no surprise that many people have left California for states like Texas and Idaho. The cost of living, excessive taxes, liberal mindset, illegal immigration, burdensome laws, violations of 2nd amendment rights, special interests, cap and trade and poor representation of the rural counties has destroyed the once "Golden State."

— Mike G

Source: The State of the State

The state of the state is an update of the Jefferson State Movement against California.    This weeks article highlights out some of the very bad problems California has from its liberal mindset.   Amongst these issues are 25% of the population being immigrants, 1/3rd of the Welfare recipients in the United States reside in California – that the exodus of the wealthy to other states has hurt its income – with another projected deficit of 1 Billion dollars.  The top income tax goes from 10% to 13.3% and the gasoline tax takes effect very soon.


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