Urban Illness in America

There is an Urban Illness in America.

What is an Urban Illness anyway?   In America the inner-cities have pretty much lost their mind.   It is an illness so big it is taking a stronghold in our country.  First there is an immense amount of hate.   These racial tensions have not been so high since the 1960’s.   These tensions are caused by the social media, alphabet news organizations and political parties that incite this type of behavior by their comments, news articles and sensationalism all over the news.  This has to stop.

After the 2016 election of President Trump the alt-left,  had a big melt-down.  You see, they knew that their way of life was threatened.  They are a group of Americans having  a great time getting food stamps, welfare, free phones, free medical, free drugs, free housing and a monthly check for doing nothing.   Having Conservatives in charge may change that.   The news media has done everything it can to say how bad President Trump is.  They twist his words, they make sure any mistake is highlighted and the have taught Americans how to hate.  How about telling the truth media?

This illness of hate and violence fills our cities – as to why I call this an Urban Illness.  This illness is in the inner-cities.  This illness is not in the American Heartland and the Rural Communities yet.   Hopefully they find a cure before it spreads.

These people in the inner-cities are looking now to cause trouble any way they can.   They shoot police officers, they beat each other up, murder each other and spend every moment they can infesting legal assemblies to preach hate and see what kind of violence and riots they can incite.  This must stop.  Thugs must be held accountable.   Police in Boston, MA did a great job controlling their demonstrations today.   This must continue.

It goes much deeper.  The radical alt-left now think it is okay to destroy our heritage by knocking down Confederate Statues and defacing them.  The alt-right is using hate to defend these statues.  Both have no idea why because they are so uneducated that they couldn’t identify a statue of Lincoln or Lee anyway.   You see, they do it because they are infested with prejudice mostly incited by the media .  They think it is okay to destroy things, fight and  riot because they have no honor, morals or decency.   The reality is they are not sick, they are uneducated thugs running the streets that need to be jailed.

The bottom line is that there is too much welfare and handouts in inner-cities, unemployment and want to be homeless that they have nothing better to do but show up and trash this country.   This must stop.  Welfare was designed to help people in need.  This is not a lifetime subscription not to work.   All people must work – that includes those on assistance.   Its called community service.   If you get a welfare check, or any government assistance (except social security for retired folks) you need to provide 40 hours of community service each week.  This means picking up trash, cleaning the streets, maintaining the parks and landscaping and working at the soup kitchens.   There is no free ride.  Perhaps a welfare tie to work will wear these thugs down.  They will be too tired to destroy America.

The problem in America is there is no accountability.  This includes the news media.    Honesty, Integrity, Morales and Education must return to this country to stop this illness from spreading.   I think America is already lost.   We will see.  Watching events unfold over the past several years has convinced me that America is no longer that shining light in the world.   Evil, destruction, moral decay, socialism, liberalism, radicalism,  poor education, poor leadership, drugs and illegal immigration are destroying our great country.

It is time to build Jails.   Lots of Jails.  We need to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate these thugs.   I would rather see my tax dollars go to supporting Jails and getting these folks off the street vs. paying welfare benefits to thugs and criminals that never have any intention of working and being a productive part of our Society.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Those who value privileges above principles will soon lose both.

  2. Mike says:

    That comment is quite true.

  3. Mike G says:

    Here is another piece of trash. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/09/12/espn-responds-to-jemele-hill-calling-trump-white-supremacist.html Jemele Hill from ESPN is a piece of garbage that needs to be terminated from ESPN for using the network to field her prejudice and political opinion. I don’t watch ESPN so I don’t really care, but this is another example of a piece of trash liberal shooting off her mouth when she has no idea what she is talking about. ESPN — Fire Her!

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