Racial and Political Overtones on a Natural Event

Media has the responsibility to unite this country. Writing articles about natural occurring events and assigning racial or political overtones will not bring us closer together as a country. We are all created equal.

— Mike G

This morning I was forwarded an article on the eclipse.   To my surprise this natural phenomena has racial and political overtones.     Click here for the article.   Matthew Rocheleau from the Boston Globe reported that this was an eclipse headed over Trump Territory.  Alice Ristoph from the Brooklyn Law School pointed out that this was a “white eclipse” traveling over populated areas that were predominantly white.

Media has the responsibility to this country to bring back unity, not division.   As Humans we are all created equal and should not be defined by race, creed, color, religion or sex.   To take a perfectly natural event and assign race or politics as a reason for its occurrence is mind-boggling.

I reached out and wrote letters to the Boston Globe, and the Brooklyn Law School (the articles authors) and let them know that I was disappointed.   Media has a responsibility to unite this country.  Simply reporting the facts on a natural occurrence and how to view it would have been enough.  After all, this is a natural event that does not occur frequently.   To somehow magically think that this natural occurrence is happening over a specific geographic area of the country is due to President Trump followers or white people is unimaginable.

I doubt that the articles authors will reach out and explain to me why they wrote these pieces.   The first amendment guarantees their right to their opinion.  In my mind this type of behavior from well-educated people in our society continues to divide this country.  The media has a responsibility to bring us together.  Until that responsibility is realized there is really no hope for our country.

We have the strength and energy as a country to make a profound difference in the world for all mankind.  Until people can get past the differences in the human genome we are destined for a divided country full of hatred and violence.

I know that writing my blog may not make a difference in this world.  Somehow I think it will provoke thought.  I do forget that mostly sensible people read my posts and those with hate will probably not change.  It does give me some closure to write about issues though.  Somehow deep down I think I am making a difference.

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2 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    If I get a response from the Boston Globe or Brooklyn Law School from Matthew or Alice I will post it here for all to view. As these authors may be overwhelmed with the media storm they created I doubt I will see any.

  2. Mike Graves says:

    Almost two months after I wrote my blog and no comments from either Author on why they decided to assign racial comments and overtones to an eclipse. These liberal authors obviously did not like to be called out on their dishonest fake news. So here it is 10/13/2017 and nothing from Matthew or Alice.

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