Seemingly Intelligent People are Doing Stupid Things

I can only assume that the title of this post would build some curiosity on what I could be blogging about.   Well it is about what I continue to read and see going on in this country.

First we have a state senator from Missouri, Maria Chappelle-Nadal stating she hopes President Trump is assassinated.  Then she tries to cover up her statement on social media by deleting it.  It is never good for an elected official to make threats against anyone period.   This is a seemingly intelligent person doing something stupid.

As I scroll through the news I see Howard Dean say that if you vote GOP in 2018 you support a racist in the Whitehouse.  This comment came from the 79th governor of Vermont.  To lump all voters into a grouping is quite stupid.  It is like Hillary Clinton calling Republicans a basket of deplorable’s.  Howard Dean will live to regret this statement.

Then we have Mitt Romney warning of Civil War if President Trump does not apologize for his comments on the recent protests.   Mitt served as the 70th governor of Massachusetts.   Here we have a past Presidential Candidate making stupid comments.  Don’t you think saying there will be another Civil War is a bit dramatic?

Nancy Pelosi said she was going to start a movement to censure the President.  This is not an intelligent ploy to get the country back on track working together.  This is a ploy by a 77-year-old lifelong politician that is totally out of touch of what the country needs.   Nancy has been out of touch for a long time.

These media comments are just from today.

These are examples of both Democrats and Republicans that have seeming lost their ability to ascertain the difference between being intellectual leaders and driving separation in this country.    People that hold or have held leadership positions is this country should clearly understand what they are doing.

It is clear that many people in this country oppose President Trump.  Just as many opposed President Obama.  The difference is there is some sort of disease circulating in our country that causes seeming intelligent people to become stupid.

This country will never come together unless people engage their brain before they put their mouth in gear!

The people who dislike the president, including the media organizations have vastly underestimated President Trumps supporters in America.  It is clear that they forgot the stinging lesson that they should have learned when they lost the election last November.

Solutions come with bipartisan support.  As an American I vote people into office to address our country’s problems.  They are supposed to work as a team resolving these issues.   When working from both sides of the aisles there is supposed to be compromise.  There is no teamwork in Washington.  The Democratic Party will do nothing to help our country which is in such peril.  These elected leaders are not doing their job.  They are more like misbehaved children that are pouting because they didn’t get their way.

Divisive statements from intellectual people will not solve this country’s crisis.   I can only hope that some people are paying attention and will stop saying stupid things.   In order for America to be great the racial divide must stop, and intellectual people should do what they can to mend the gap.  Finally they ought to think before they speak.

Just because we have mainly two political parties in America, Democrats and Republicans does not mean that each side does not have intelligent solutions that will help this country.    Stop being stupid.  Use your brains and work together to solve this country’s issues.  In case you forgot – we are all Americans.

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  1. Mike says:

    Here is another person that is not intelligent in his comments… Lebron James says President Trump is a “so called president.” Mr James. Your statue just dropped a bit. How can you make a speech about hate and then show hate for the President?

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