President Trump unties the hands of our Military.

I am sure that there was a large group of people in America watching the president speak tonight.  Since many have not served in the military the gravity of the speech was not even mentioned by the media.

President Trump said he was giving our military freedom by removing the rules of engagement.   The rules of engagement have crippled our military since 2011 when Obama put them in effect.   Obama a president that never served in the military clearly did not understand how to win wars.  One of the rules of engagement were –  You cannot shoot the enemy unless they shoot at you first.    There was many times our troops had the enemy in their sites and were not allowed to act.

U.S. troops were not allowed to attack the enemy unless Washington Politicians gave approval.   Even though we had Generals on the ground the calls were being made from Washington.   Pretty stupid right?

We were not allowed to use overwhelming force to defeat the enemy.  Our soldiers hands were tied on what resources they could and could not use.   This got many of our soldiers killed.

With the rules of engagement removed the Generals on the ground have every resource in our arsenal.  We can shoot first, attack when necessary, call in air support without waiting for Washington and use whatever resources we need to defeat the enemy.  It’s about time.

Other significance from the speech was the non disclosure of how many troops will be deployed.  Obama always told the enemy in advance how many troops we were deploying and where.   This allowed Terrorism to spread.  The Generals can now make the call where the troops go and how many.

It is nice to see our President (even though he is hated so much) take charge and allow the military leaders to take the necessary action to win the war without having to wait for the President to approve the order.  The red tape was unbelievable with the Obama administration.

We have been at war with Afghanistan for 17 years – the longest war in United States History.   It would have been done years ago if Obama had not set the rules of engagement.   President Bush also did not do a very good job here.   Perhaps new leadership (which we voted for last November) will finally get this over and done with.   I hope to see less loss of American lives because we are allowed to destroy the enemy.

These are the ROE that President Trump Removed this evening.

Here is the Afghanistan ROE (Rules of Engagement)

You may only use deadly force as a last resort and only under these circumstances:

  • In self-defense when you are in immediate danger of death or serious injury.
  • In preventing sabotage or theft of operable weapons or ammunition which in the hands of unauthorized persons presents a substantial threat of death or serious injury.
  • In defense of innocent people or fellow soldiers who are in danger of death or serious injury

Can you imagine fighting under these circumstances.   It gets worse.  When you are assigned as an advisor to the Afghanistan Army you may not use your weapons.  Instead you must advise the Afghanistan Military how to respond, unless you are in immediate danger of death or serious injury.

Our military has been crippled.   I wonder how many wonderful brave lives were lost due to these ROE’s.   You don’t get involved in a war unless you can win.

News Media Hiding

It was also good to see the news media hiding.  There was not any discussion after the Presidents Speech picking it apart.  Perhaps they are learning their lesson (I think not).



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