Oldest Christopher Columbus Monument Destroyed

Things continue to heat up in the nation with the destruction of historical statues and monuments.   The latest destruction was a 225 year old monument in Baltimore of Christopher Columbus.

It is difficult for me to understand why Christopher Columbus is a racist.   Am I missing something here?  Perhaps someone should register and leave a comment so I can understand this.   If he was – than so be it – but does that give the green light to destroy property?  History teaches us that Columbus discovered America in 1492.  Of course there is controversy about that because there are several possibilities on who discovered America.   Click here to learn more.  In the late 1400’s there was lots of bad stuff going on in the world.  Do we learn from history or not?   Should we destroy every statue and monument from the past on the planet?  Is nothing sacred?  Should we remove all teachings of history to please the current group of people who destroy Confederate Statues and Historical data?

I call the current movement the Destruction Movement.   It is  very popular to remove all of our history of the Civil War. People hold up their smart phones and take selfies of this.  They are so proud.

This behavior is from folks that probably never studied the civil war or slept through the 1 year of History in High School or dropped out. Slavery ended in 1865.  That was 152 years ago.   There is nobody in this country that has endured the hardships of slavery that is alive.  It is clear our country made a mistake allowing it, but so did many countries around the world.   We were the first country to abolish it.

You may have descendants that were slaves.  They are owed everything.   SInce Millennials  were never slaves in America they are owed nothing.  They have no right to destroy anything.  They have not earned it.    It is amazing that people associate “things” with racism.   The only racism left in America is those in every ethnic group that hate others because of their race, religion or creed.

I am not sure what possessed this country to create thousands of Confederate Statues – the reading I have done leads me to believe that people were asking them to be made and were paying for them. It was something popular to do in the late 1800’s.

The citizens of Baltimore have had a history of destroying their own city in Protests and continue to destroy artifacts that are not their own.   I hope the person is identified that destroyed the Columbus Statue and is made an example of.   We cannot continue to have violent protests, destruction of property and crime running this country.  These are thugs and criminals.

Our Civil War should remind us all what our struggles were.  These struggles made the country we are today.

It seems to be popular with the millennial’s (Generation Y)  to destroy our history.  Protesting is cool right?  If you were to stop and interview these folks and ask them what they were protesting about they would say racism.  Ask them some pointed questions about history and you would get huh?

History is still a required course (called Social Studies in High School) and it varies from state to state on what the requirements are.   Most are showing a 1 year requirement in High School out of 4 years of attendance.   Click Here for the requirements.    Perhaps we are not requiring enough history to be taught in our schools.  If we did require more history maybe Gen Y would understand what the Civil War was all about.  Maybe they would understand why there is statues of Confederates.

It is sad to see our country being destroyed on a daily basis.   It reminds me of ISIS destroying all of the History in the Middle East.   I wonder what will be written in the History Books of the events we are all living.  Will it be called the “Dark Times of America?”  I won’t live to see it.

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