Federal judge again throws out Texas voter ID law 

This sets a dangerous precedent. There is no doubt there was lots of voter fraud in the last election. Texas attempted to thwart this. There must be a requirement for proof that you are registered to vote before you are allowed to cast any.

— Mike G.

A federal judge Wednesday rejected Texas’ revised voter identification requirements, handing another court defeat to Republicans over voting rights.

Source: Federal judge again throws out Texas voter ID law

Anyone who does not live in Texas is saying –  whats the big deal?    It would take someone who is really inept to think that voter fraud is not a problem.   We already know dead people were voting, people were voting in several states and that there is a large amount of voter fraud.  The state I live in is one of those.   California gives drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, so technically they have a photo ID to vote with.  I guarantee nobody is checking.

This is a large problem for our Federal Republic.  Using Texas as an example all you have to do is sign an affidavit and you can vote.

There are people out there in our country that do not see a problem with this.  It is very clear to me when states refuse to turn over voter information to the Federal Government that there is fraud.

What do you think?   Should we allow the current process of voting to continue or should it be locked down that you must prove citizenship before you can cast a vote in this country?

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