The News Media’s Infatuation with Demonstrators.

Many of us do not care about the News Media's hype of Racism. We blame you for the cause of unrest in this country.

— Mike G

Everywhere in the news there is story after story about demonstrations.   They are either Trump Supporters or the Alt-Right or Alt-Left running around beating each other up and destroying property.

Why is this news?   I understand that an occasional demonstration might be worthy of the news but over the last couple of years it is a nightly event.

Let me say it.   I don’t give a damn about protestors.   I don’t care what the alt-left or alt-right has to say.   The destruction, damage and death they have caused this country can never be righted.  My suggestion is to go get a job, make some money and live the American Dream.   Stop griping about everything.   You are acting like little babies.

I really don’t care about the illegal immigrants protesting in Arizona.  They are criminals, they broke the law by entering this country illegally.   I don’t care millennials hate Confederate Statues all of the sudden.   I don’t care about the racist organizations like Black Lives Matter or the KKK.   None of this matters to me.  The sudden escalation of racism in this country is being brought on by the News Media.  There wasn’t this hate a few years ago.   Hate is now popular.

I moved to a part of the country where none of this effects me.   When the protesters light the cities on fire I cannot even see the smoke.  The sheep can burn down their own homes.   You see – most of us normal people are not listening to the hate being preached.  We learned long ago to respect each other and that we are all created equal.

In the world of smart phones all of this stuff is about getting a picture posted on social media, your face on the news and to be a secret thug – destroying things and hoping nobody can identify you.

We all have control of this.   If I am watching the TV I have a nice little remote control.   When stuff comes on the TV I don’t want to watch I change the channel.   The same with the radio.  I turn it off.  There is plenty of other stuff I can do.  I even write my blogs just to tell others what I think.

I am not saying I am living under a rock – my blog shows that I am quite informed, but I am not a sheep.  I am a wolf.   I don’t care what “everybody” is doing.   The sheep are doing lots of bad things right now.  They are disrespectful of everything including our heritage and culture.

The wolves like me tell the truth, don’t follow the sheep and question things.  If a sheep tends to cross my path I ignore it, because I am a wolf.   If I want to,  I can eat the sheep for lunch.

So America, I am not sure if you are getting this but most of us don’t give a damn about the media’s infatuation with demonstrators (protesters).  We don’t care about your hyped up fake racism.   We don’t care that you are full of hate and do what you can to create violence.    Wolves have learned to take care of themselves.



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