El Dorado County, California – CWC Process about 9 Months.

I had to put this post out because I am a little confused on why in California it takes so long to exercise our second amendment rights.

In my county it took one month to get an appointment to sit down at the Sheriff’s office and go through the formal application process to start the background check for a CWC.  This included the initial interview, the application and the fingerprinting process.  $105 (Made the appointment in March – Got the Appointment the end of April)

A month later (in May)  I went to the required CWC Class.   $150

So it has taken me 3 months to get to this point.   The rest of the time in the process is doing the background.

I called to follow-up on my CWC at the end of October  and I was told it is taking up to a year to process the applications due to staffing shortages. A detective would be in touch with me sometime in 2018.

I was called in November 2017 and issued my permit.  So actually from start to finish the permit process took 9 months – not a year like I was told.  I am still pretty pleased with the county getting this done in 9 months and in California where CWC permits are not issued.

Update 3/4/2018 –  El Dorado County is going to an on-line process to speed up the process of getting a CWC.   Instructors at the CWC Classes will be inspecting your firearms and verifying the serial numbers instead of the Sheriff’s Office.   This should speed up the process.

On another note – when spending time reading online on how difficult it is to obtain a CWC in California I feel blessed to live in a County where our 2nd Amendment Rights are respected.   This won’t happen anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, or anywhere in Southern California.  The folks in charge down there make sure you don’t get the right to carry.

Bless the local law enforcement of El Dorado County – which clearly understand the right to carry and allow law-abiding citizens the right to protect and defend themselves.

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  1. Mike says:

    Got a call to verify the serial numbers on my pistols. Maybe we are getting closer.

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