5 scams that fool even the smartest people.

Many people laugh at scams. We see an email from a mysterious stranger that’s full of odd phrases and terrible misspellings, and we instantly share it on social media. “The Prince of Nigeria wants to send me bars and bars of gold!” we write, adding a laughing emoji. “Should I take it?”

Source: 5 scams that fool even the smartest people

This is a well written article about scams on the Internet.   Many of these emails end up in a properly set up spam folder however people still get fooled.

If it sounds too good to be true it is!

The online world has not been safe for years.   That is why it is a good idea to move all of your online accounts to 2FA (Two Factor Authentication.)   If for some reason you get caught up in one of these at least your accounts will not be compromised.

People tend to click on these links and forward them.  This can be very dangerous.  Many of these links contain code or attachments that if executed can infect a computer and cause issues.    Windows systems are very good at installing malware.  The rule you should always follow is delete, delete, delete.

If one of your friends sends a strange email before taking action, validate the email by giving them a call.   Most likely you will find out they did not send the email and their account has been compromised.  If you don’t want your email to be compromised set up 2FA.   Its the only way to be safe in the world of hackers, spies and thieves.

Read the article.   It will give you some keen insight on protecting yourself.

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