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  1. Don says:


    It makes me sick to think that our educational systems give more rights to the LGBT than to what use to be a normal functioning class room. I mean kindergarden really! By normal I mean by the way we were raised in the early sixties before liberalism took over our institution and made it an environment that seems to be like the 40;s in Germany,The brown shirts would be proud in the way things are being run now. I mean do we as parents now have to go down and fight for every inch of our children’s rights as normal behaving students who just want a normal education without being harassed because they made a simple freaking error in the speaking the English language. Today if my kids were in that school or any school like this, I would immediately take them out and put them in a private christian school that would not have such a problem like this to deal with. But i am sure they will try to figure out a way to destroy them to. What has happened to America? God forbid!

    Don. .

  2. Mike G. says:

    This is an illness that has spread across America. There are so many LGBT (Transgenders) because it is cool. Most of these kids are quite mixed up and I blame parenting and the media on the issue. It is not “normal” to have these tendencies. But you are cool by being that way because it brings a large amount of attention to you from everywhere. All of the sudden Shrinks, the Government and Doctors are surrounding you to coddle you. There was a disease that took you out in the past for this type of behavior – AIDS. Nature has a way to deal with these oddities, I do try to understand this behavior but can’t seem to get my head wrapped around this.

    As for the kids – I agree – The Educational system is completely broken and the only options for a normal education is a paid school – charter school – Christian school etc. Public schools seem to have very big issues that they are subjecting the children too. It is no longer math, english, science and history kids struggle with. It is the sexuality being pushed in the classroom by the millennial group of teachers and parents.

    Nobody lives forever – and all of these people will face Judgement Day.

  3. Don says:

    Very well said Mike. I truly appreciate your comments

  4. Mike says:

    Denver is thinking of Hiring Kaepernick. It would be devistating for the team and the teams name if this person was brought aboard. Not only is his talents weak, he is un-american. I am not sure that would sit well with the Denver Broncos Fans.

  5. Colleen says:

    It’s really quite simple. Where there are no consequences or cost to the individual doing harm, there will be no change. Codependency is not compassion. It is enabling someone strong to harm someone weaker. It is robbing a person of their dignity & honor by allowing them to believe their decisions and actions do not matter. If we truly honored them, we would allow their circumstances and decisions to reap the harvest of natural consequence. Sometimes that consequence is well-deserved jail time. And that doesn’t mean we let them out really early because there are too many criminals.

  6. Mike says:

    I am not sure why law enforcement stands around not reacting to these violent people. They are supposed to arrest and detain people breaking the law. Are they afraid to act? Because of the violence against the police are they afraid they will get shot? The only way to get this under control is overwhelming forces. We know when big protests are going to occur. Perhaps the national guard should be assisting the police in crowd control and arrests. A few months in jail would give these thugs time to think about what they have done. People that made bad mistakes will change. Thugs will probably never change and jail is just free food, medical, housing, pornography and drugs to them. They probably need to spend their life there. Maybe there is an island in the middle of nowhere we can dump them.

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