TRUMP’S US Supreme Court Will Preside Over the Breakup of California

This is a well written article by Tim Bolen on the CFR (Jefferson State) Movement in California. Take some time to read this. Tim breaks it down into something we can all understand.

— Mike G

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  1. Mike says:

    Tim’s article makes it pretty clear that California is in trouble and that the courts are not going to be very friendly. He points out that Trumps Courts will probably resolve this issue. It is clear California is not going to cooperate. After all it is an anarchy here – 120 representatives for 40 million people. This is not a representative government at all – and the constitution requires this. I may take years but this ending is going to be good for the people of Jefferson State – and for California – as they will have to abide by the Constitution – or secede from the Union. If they even attempt that there will be a mass exodus. Look on the bright side. If you want to be a politician in California I predict there will be many job openings.

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