California Headed off the Fiscal Cliff

California Legislators and Governor Brown have no clue how to run the business of California.   California is 1.3 Trillion in Debt.

How long can California be the “Welfare State?”    The simple answer is when they run out of other’s people money.   That is bound to happen soon.   California is raising the top tax tier from 10 to 13.3%.   Why?   Take from the wealthy and give to themselves.  Taking other people’s money is California’s only solution.  The tax tiers went up on everyone, not just the top earners.    1 Million of California’s 40 million counted residents are unemployed and taking unemployment benefits.   34% of the welfare recipients in the United States live in California and California only has 12% of the population.  Do you see trouble in the future for this state?  I do!

It appears that balancing the budget is not something that concerns the legislative body. Here is an example of our legislative body in action.

Today they were working  hard on Senate Bill 179.   Senate Bill 179, which has already passed the Senate and is being considered by the Assembly, would make the “non-binary gender option” available on all state-issued documents, including birth certificates. Gov. Jerry Brown is likely to sign it into law if it reaches his desk.

This is such an important task the state should be concerned with.

We are bleeding red ink and our infrastructure is collapsing.  We are paying out more than we are taking in.   The California residents that are working are being abused and overtaxed.   So what do you think?  Is the California legislature really concerned with the welfare of the state?  There are many more examples of this legislature in action.  Amongst those would be voting to be a Sanctuary State.

I am not convinced.




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  1. Mike G. says:

    Forgot to mention that California took everyone off proposition 8 this year causing increases in property taxes. They did this because the housing market improved. Prop 8 allowed for a temporary decrease in property tax values during the housing recession. Now everything is back under Prop 13. I experienced an 8% increase in taxes this year.

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