Federal Judges a real Problem for the United States

Federal Judges are a real problem for the United States.   It appears that Judges are not ruling on the law anymore, but ruling based on their political bias.   The latest Examples

  1.  Judge Tosses Case against the DNC
  2. Federal Judge blocks Sanctuary City Law in Texas
  3. Federal Judges block voter ID requirements
  4. Federal Judge blocks travel ban
  5. Federal Judge strikes down gun laws (various) even though they are guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

Scour the Internet – There is case after case with biased rulings.

Many Judges are no longer taking their responsibility seriously.   Their decisions have really hurt this country for the standpoint of security and Constitutional Rights.

SInce when do illegal immigrants have more rights than citizens?   Since when is it wrong to require someone to prove they are a citizen to vote?   Why are cities being allowed to thwart Federal law by not turning over Illegal Immigrants to ICE?  Why does California get to take away 2nd Amendment rights such as Open Carry?

The vein of corruption is running very deep in this country.   Judges seem to think it is okay to toss cases that they don’t want to deal with.   I wish I could just do the gravy jobs at work and not the hard ones.  Of course there is money and special interests they are pandering to. Judges think they are above the law.   The burden of proof rests on our shoulders because nobody wants to take them on.

The Judicial branch is supposed enforce the laws on the books.  By blocking laws they are actually breaking them.  The writers of the Constitution was supposed to give us a balanced government with the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches.   Currently in America the Judicial and Legislative Branches are broken.   The House and Senate can’t get anything done, both playing games along party lines at the expense of America.  The Judicial branch fights to undermine laws on the books and take away Constitutional Rights.   Perhaps the Judges need to read the constitution.  Perhaps there should be term limits on Legislators.

We have the right to recall judges.   It is time for change.   We have mid-term elections coming next year.

We can no longer afford “dirty judges.”   We can no longer afford lifetime Legislators.


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  1. Mike G. says:

    Judge Kimberly Mueller is presiding on the CFR, Jefferson State Lawsuit here in California. I think the hearing is on Sept 8. She cancelled the hearing once. I wonder if the Honorable Judge will hear the case and render an honest decision? This will be the test.

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