Fines and Jail?

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Source: Fines and Jail?

You see, here in California the Oligarchy Regime in Sacramento is further taking away your rights and leveraging fines and jail time for not knowing how a person identifies themselves in a nursing home.   Is a male a male?  Is a female a female?  Better know this in California or face a $1000 dollar fine and jail time.

Here we have a state 1.3 billion in debt and this is what they do with their time.   They wonder why the majority of us normal folk want to form a new State and succeed from California.

Anyone with a brain better take quick notice of this when it comes to a final vote.  I urge you to vote against every one of these legislators when they come up for election.

We need serious people in government.   We need people who are looking out for the interests of Californians.  We need people interested in respecting the Constitution and the “Rule of Law.”    We need people to balance the budget without continued tax increases.   There were 119 tax proposals on the Legislature’s agenda for 2017.

If this somehow becomes law I hope people who have the financial assets will slap a lawsuit against California.

Enough is Enough California!

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  1. Mike G. says:

    A little humor – I figured I would beat this law by calling everyone a fag.

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