North Korea Detonates Hydrogen Bomb

It was sooner than expected.  Kim Jong-un could not wait to test out his new Hydrogen bomb that was 100 kilotons.  Unfortunately it did not cause a volcanic eruption as scientists hoped, but did cause a 6.3 earthquake in the region.  This successful test puts the world closer to the brink of Nuclear War.

The comments from people this morning on the web are quite unprofessional.  There was name calling, finger-pointing, colorful language and a few well thought out comments.  We all have an opinion on what to do with North Korea but none of us have the ability to act.  The reaction is left up to those officials that were elected into office and the leaders of foreign nations.  What ever decisions that are made will effect all of us.

The world powers did nothing for the last 20 years while North Korea was acquiring weapons of mass destruction.   They thought making policy and working through reason with an unreasonable man was going to resolve this.  Any pundit could have told you this was not going to work.  North Korea has the determination to secure it ideology with a strong military.   Kim Jong-un uses tough rhetoric to show the world that he means business and that nobody had better threaten his sovereignty.

Intellectual minds already know that sanctions will not cure the problem with North Korea.   Military exercises, threats and the showing of force only emboldens Kim Jong-un.  In his mind the United States and other allies are going to attack him.   I would be thinking along the same lines if we had mass Chinese or Russian military operations on our Canadian or Mexico border doing practice military attacks.  I would be building my defenses too.  North Korea is acting to preserve its own interests.

China will never stop doing trade with North Korea and infusing money into its country.  We are pretty stupid to believe they would.  China is a world power and could care less about what others think.  It would be like asking the United States to stop trade with Canada or Mexico.  It isn’t going to happen.

In earlier blogs I thought the right thing to do was to launch a first strike and destroy the North Korean regime.  This step would have most likely caused the death of 8 million people in Japan, South Korea, Guam, Hawaii or the Western Coast of the United States.  North Korea has demonstrated that its technology is much further advanced then we thought a few months ago. This calls for a different response.

North Korea understands that launching a first strike will invite complete destruction of their nation.   Putin was right when he said that both the United States and North Korea should stop their saber-rattling and open up talks.  Remember, we had 20 years to react to this build up and knew what the results were going to be.  North Korea has been allowed too much time for a military solution.

The United States does not negotiate with terrorist regimes, so I do not see any negotiations with North Korea.  After all Kim Jong-un does not seem to be a reasonable person, and perceives our country as a threat. Reasonable people do not assassinate their own family members and kill its countries citizens.

As a United States citizen the most important concern that I have is protecting our sovereignty.   As a result of what is going on in Asia and the Middle East we should be investing in our own military defenses.  President Trump is correct in strengthening our borders because weak borders invite terrorists. He is placing additional funding into our military.

What our country needs to do now is work on our new technology to shoot down ICBM’s, continue to perfect our laser weapons and rail guns, and beef up our military assets.   We need a strong Navy to protect our miles of coastlines in the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf area.  We need to station Air Force bases on all of our border areas.  We need to deploy a large number of missile defense systems on the East, West and Gulf coasts to prevent a preemptive strike.  This would include Alaska, Hawaii and our territories.

As a tax payer I am very willing to invest in our military.  This creates jobs.   I would also reinstate the draft.   This would be a controversial step but one that is needed.  One of the largest problems we face in our country with our young men and women is that they do not understand the sacrifices that others have made to create such a great country.  This is why they have so much time to protest and incite riots.  It is time they learned about our country and was taught to respect it.

Most of the younger generation have never even had a thought that they may be called on someday to defend our country. It is time that they made a two-year commitment to preserving our Republic. Perhaps then they will understand what it means to be an American.

Of course there is young men and women that do understand as they have enlisted and are protecting this country.  These young men and women put themselves on the line everyday for our Freedom.   I appreciate their service.

So what do you think?  Is it time to build our defenses?  Is it time to attack?  Do sanctions work?  What will our elected leaders do?  What will happen in the coming months?


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  1. Mike says:

    South Korea puts more pressure in the pressure cooker and does missile launches to simulate attacks on North Korea’s nuclear launch pads. Things are definitely coming to a head soon. I wonder what September will bring?

  2. Mike says:

    Sept 4, As North Korea prepares to launch another missile, it appears that the United States is talking sanctions again, against the Oil and Textile industry. Sanctions have and will not work against this regime. As long as China supports North Korea these tests will not stop and they will at some point go to Nuclear blackmail. To me it seems that we are running out of time here in the United States. We need to step up the development and implementation of our missile defense systems now. I wonder if I should be building a bunker.

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