DACA (Dreamers Act)

It seems that the fake news agencies are at it again, blaming President Trump for ending DACA.  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an American immigration policy founded by the Obama administration in June 2012. DACA allows certain illegal immigrants who entered the country as minors, to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and eligibility for a work permit. (source Wikipedia).

DACA was formed by an executive order by President Obama.  The president had no authority to create such a program and it is illegal.  (Violation of Federal Immigration Law)

The news is reporting that President Trump is going to end the deal making him a bad guy again, but the reason for DACA ending is the lawsuit that 10 states filed against the Federal Government.  There is no way to win this case.

Why does the news organizations not report the news correctly?   Some do but put up fake headlines and then bury the real reason in the article. Click here for a great example of this. Trumps the bad guy in the headlines, but the article points out the facts.  Isn’t this misleading the sheep?

Why can’t people just follow the rules?   It is quite simple to become an American Citizen.  Source: USA.GOV.   Here is the requirements.

To file for U.S. citizenship, you must:

Is this such a difficult feat?  I do not understand why people have become so lazy.   I have to go through a lot more red tape than that to get a Conceal and Carry Weapons Permit.

The problem with our country is simple.   Allowing undocumented immigrants into the country is illegal and against Federal Immigration Law.  What is so difficult about getting a Green Card for 5 years, being able to read and write English and pass a 100 question history exam?    The answers to the test are already on the Internet.

I am so tired of hearing about Immigration Issues when there is such a simple solution.   Why don’t people just immigrate to this country legally?   I am also tired of the President Trump taking the heat for what the past administration had done.  This is about an illegal executive order that was implemented by President Obama.

Why does the news not report that Obama’s executive order on DACA is being repealed because it is not legal.   Wouldn’t that be honest news reporting?  I guess reporting the facts does not sell ad space or newspapers.


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  1. Mike says:

    President Trump made the right call. President Obama violated our own immigration laws by signing this execute order. He also pushed the issue back to the legislative branch where it should have been in the first place. Presidents cannot make laws. That is an anarchy. Our founding fathers had the foresight to create three branches of government – Executive, Legislative and Judicial. President Obama thought he could create laws without going through due process. DACA should have been challenged in the courts years ago. They would have been found unconstitutional.

  2. Mike says:

    Add U2 to the group of uneducated idiots along with Jimmy Fallon. Apparently neither of these folks understand how laws are made in a federal republic. I am boycotting both. I have not watched Fallon in years and U2 just came of my list of bands I listen to. In America we vote with our wallets. U2 gets no ad revenue because I don’t stream their songs, and Fallon does not generate Ad revenue for viewership. U2 isn’t American so you can’t deport them, but Fallon is definitely a traitor to the values of what a Federal Republic is all about. Fallon needs to go back to school and learn Civics and U.S. History. U2 needs to stay in Ireland.

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