The Good News About Nuclear Destruction! Its Survivable

The Good News is; Nukes are survivable for most, IF they learn what to do beforehand! See for yourself here! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Source: The Good News About Nuclear Destruction!

This is a good site for getting information especially since the North Korea threats continue to occur.

Steps for protecting yourselves from Nuclear Fallout.

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  1. Mike says:

    The fallout tips are from the 1960’s but are still valid. I did learn quite a bit when I read the articles. Living where I live I will not have to worry about nuclear blasts – it just depends on the wind direction for the fallout. I have a protected well so my water supply is completely safe – and I have a generator to pump it. Taking iOSAT will reduce our chances of radioactive poisoning, and washing frequently will help keep down the radioactive dust. I would have some time to escape the area as well. Bunkers are about 50K. They finance them at 4.5% interest – and they are pretty nice. The only costs you would absorb would be digging the hole – and getting power to it. Not a bad way to go either.

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