Sarah Sanders Confronted by Reporter on Trump’s ‘Coldhearted’ DACA Decision, Then She Drops the Hammer

It is time that our government runs as it was designed - with the 3 branches of Government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. This is a Federal Republic with Laws - not an Anarchy - and not a Democracy. It is time lawmakers decide what to do.

— Mike G.

In my original post a few days ago I made some statements about how our government is supposed to run.  WIth the news media having its head in the sand I think Press Secretary Sarah Sanders does a great job of reminding the media how our government works.

This is a good read…

Source: Sarah Sanders Confronted by Reporter on Trump’s ‘Coldhearted’ DACA Decision, Then She Drops the Hammer

DACA was only allowed to go forward because the Supreme Court was unable to suspend the decision on a 4/4 split decision.   This was because there was only 8 Justices on the bench instead of the usual 9.   WIth the recent appointment of Judge Gorsich if the case was heard again it would be defeated 5/4.

I don’t care what the media and the legal pundits try to say.   There is a way to properly immigrate into the United States.  It is in writing – and is a simple process.  The President can be removed from position if he does not follow the law.

Now with all these states suing the government now over the decision it will surely go to the supreme court and go down in defeat.

It is the job of Congress to legislate.  Trump has turned this issue over to them.  By Legislating instead of not doing their jobs they can come to an agreement on how to properly handle this situation under the law.

Allowing executive orders is a clear example of an Oligarchy.    Even though the Constitution allows this it is for extreme issues and it is not supposed to violate current law.   President Obama dealt with this problem the wrong way.

I agree that there must be a solution for those that were given false hope and allowed to stay here.   I believe our President wants a solution as well.   He is correct in getting the legislative action to do its job.   Protesters, States, Liberal Media – settle down.   6 Months is a long time to legislate.

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