White House: DOJ ‘should certainly look at’ prosecuting James Comey

Sarah Sanders, Photo Courtesy of Fox News

Sarah Sanders, Photo Courtesy of Fox News

The Department of Justice should consider prosecuting former FBI Director James Comey for his “improper” and “illegal” actions, the White House said Tuesday.

Source: White House: DOJ ‘should certainly look at’ prosecuting James Comey

I wrote an article several months ago about James Comey.   He has various ties to the Clinton family and was probably doing a political favor.  Most intellectual people do not understand how computers work when drafting memorandums.   The computer software always time stamps the document file when you start the document and each time the document was auto-saved.  This is in case the computer crashes the document can be auto-recovered.  Comey may have been head of the FBI but it is pretty stupid to not know about this.   It is clear Comey violated the law as he was drafting a letter to excuse Hillary Clinton months before she was interviewed and the case was dismissed.

If you think about him reopening the investigation a few days before the voting was to take place you would have to think that somebody within the FBI was going to tell on him unless he did something.   His reopening and closing the case certainly helped President Trump get the Whitehouse but still did not give Americans justice on Hillary Clinton.

You can wash dirt off, you can sweep it under the rug, but there is always dirt.  Comey should have known that.  Lying to Congress under an investigation is another serious offense which has now been proven.  It is time to prosecute him and provide him with a needed rest in jail.   Then the Clinton case needs to be reopened and prosecuted and Hillary can join him.  Americans must know that nobody is beyond reproach in government and if you do a crime you must do the time!

President Trump made the right call by firing Comey.   He probably knew a lot more than he told us when the decision was made.    I wonder what response the liberal media and Democratic party will have when these facts are proven.   It will certainly give the party a well deserved black eye.   President Trump needs to continue to drain the swamp.

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  1. Mike says:

    Prosecute Comey – show the nation that we will not put up with people in Government not telling the truth and not doing their job. Prosecute Clinton – do the same. Drain the swamp.

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