Racism in the News. Hate from the Left. #BOYCOTTESPN

XXXTentacion, Photo Courtesy Fox News

XXXTentacion, Photo Courtesy Fox News

There is some pretty disgusting things in the news today. A Rapper, XXXTentacion hung a white child on stage as an African-American child looks on. This lynching of course was make-believe, but sick. The despicable actions of these racist individuals incite a firestorm of bad behavior. The casting director LaShawnna Stanley should be ashamed of herself. The parents that allowed their child to be “fake lynched” to a music video should be ashamed also. True Americans do not appreciate the garbage you have produced.  By the way XXXTentacion, slavery ended with the civil war so stop talking about it.  You were not a slave so get over it! These individuals remind me of the worst protein spill on the planet.  Source: Fox News.


Colin Kaepernick - Photo Courtesy of his Facebook Page

Colin Kaepernick – Photo Courtesy of his Facebook Page

Colin Kaepernick tweeted support for the ESPN sportscaster Jemele Hill who tweeted our President is a White Supremacist.  Source: Fox News   This is another rich spoiled child that needs to just go away.   The 49ers are better off without you, and so is the NFL.  Name calling is a bit immature don’t you think?    Why don’t you spend your millions eliminating hate instead of inciting it.  I have no respect for any person that will not stand for our National Anthem.  I would be really happy if you moved to anywhere but here.   People that don’t respect our country are not welcome here.

Jemele HIll, Photo Courtesy of her Facebook Page

Jemele HIll, Photo Courtesy of her Facebook Page

Jemele Hill called our President a White Supremacist.  She gets to keep her job at ESPN.  If this was someone other than a liberal they would have been fired and have to apologize.   Not with ESPN.  I guess you can work for a sports network and trash people and it’s just fine.   What a piece of work you are Jemele.  I have zero respect for you as well.

It is clear by just news excerpts from these three people, Colin, Jemele and XXXTentacion that you are all racisists.  Your prejudice is clearly understood by all of us.  Your behavior is despicable.

So –  I don’t like rap music so I will never purchase, watch or buy your video XXXTentacion.  People like you only understand money, so I hope you lose a bunch of it.    As for Colin Kaepernick, I wrote you off the first time you failed to stand for our National Anthem.  Jemele Hill,  I never watch ESPN.  No advertising dollars from me!

I am not a racist.  When we get cut, we all bleed the same color blood.  Skin color makes no difference.

Name calling is immature.  Calling our President names is immature.  Using your position in the entertainment or sports fields to spew your hate is unacceptable.   If you have to do this, do it privately.   I am sure that there is millions of Americans that agree with me.  I am curious what others think… add your comments….


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