California poised to become ‘sanctuary’ state. This violates Federal Immigration Law

Courtesy of Christian Science Monitor

Courtesy of Christian Science Monitor

The California Assembly is expected to pass State Bill 54, which would take statewide ‘sanctuary’ policies on immigrants who are in the US illegally. As loud as the calls for and against these laws have become, hard data on the impact they’ve had at the local level is still scarce.

Source: California poised to become ‘sanctuary’ state. But do such policies work? –

This is one of the reasons that I think that Conceal and Carry Permits are being issued at the high rate in California.   Due to the high rate of crime brought into California the police can’t adequately protect its citizens, therefore citizens need to take their 2nd Amendment rights, and right Under God to protect and defend themselves and their families.  There are many examples in the state where Illegal Immigrants have caused harm to our United States Citizens.

This is not about race.  This is about the rule of law.  Protesters holding a sign that they are here to resist?  ICE out of California?  Who do these criminals think they are?  The don’t belong here.   There is many legal ways to enter the United States.  Why not use those people?

California is the single biggest threat to our Federal Republic.  Without Law and Order there is no Republic.

The liberal leaders  do not represent the voice of the 21 counties out of 48 in the State.   The counties in the Jefferson State movement adamantly disapprove of the State ignoring Federal Law.

May I remind the people that illegal immigrants are here illegally!  That is why they are called “illegal immigrants!” The folks willingly broke our immigration law by crossing the border without permission and are criminals.  They deserve no protection from the law, they deserve no protection from ICE.  They need to be deported and return to this country through legal means.

SB54 needs to be challenged in court.  It is irresponsible and illegal.  The liberal 9th Circuit Judges will never do a thing about it – however the Supreme Court should hear the case.  The bill is going to the Governor to sign tomorrow.

I pray that the CFR (Jefferson State) movement gets the blessing of the three judge panel.  This will allow us to get proper representation in California so these measures can be stopped.

How Immigration Works (The Immigration and Naturalization Act.)

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