‘Slippery Slope’? Cities across the country allowing non-citizens to vote

Image Courtesy of Fox News

Image Courtesy of Fox News

A small Maryland city drew national attention this week for allowing non-citizens including illegal immigrants to cast ballots in local elections – but it’s just the latest municipality to do so, in a trend that has some worried the changing definition of ‘voter’ could erode what it means to be a citizen.

Source: ‘Slippery Slope’? Cities across the country allowing non-citizens to vote | Fox News

Even though this isn’t against the Constitution per se this completely sends the wrong message.   There should be no voting allowed period unless you are a Citizen of the United States.   This includes cities and municipalities.   Seeing this article was certainly a shocker for me tonight.   I had no idea that cities think it is actually okay to allow this.   When I read the article no surprise that San Francisco, CA is considering this.

WIth the high level of voter fraud in this country this is certainly not acceptable.  The states that allow you to register to vote and cast your vote on the same day invites fraud.

People across America have reported busses showing up at polling stations with people getting off to vote.  The only thing in their hand is a piece of paper on who to vote for.   I wonder how many of these people are not citizens?

It is my duty as a citizen to expose those that are eroding our Republic.  All I can say is what in the heck is the matter with these people?

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
― Albert Einstein


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