U.S. majority backs military action vs. North Korea: Gallup poll

Image: Courtesy Reuters

Image: Courtesy Reuters

It is very clear that North Korea will not stop its current direction of provocative actions against the world.   The Gallup Poll shows that Americans are growing tired of this regime.

With the recent sanctions just beginning to take hold there should become a cash flow problem very soon.   In my opinion we should allow North Korea to continue to shoot missiles in the air so it depletes its stock of them.   WIth money being very tight their ability to continue to  buy rocket motors should slow down.  Its hard to deploy nukes when you are out of missiles.

If a missile is shot with the intent to hit the USA or any of it’s territories then we need to shoot it down.   At that point they have left our country no other choice but the military option.

Today the WhiteHouse said Secretary Matis  has a military plan if we make the call.  The president does not need authority from Congress to defend the country.   If we do decide to take military action beyond defending ourselves I think that Congress needs to take a vote.  I believe that Democrats and Republicans will come together if there is a military strike against our country.  We are out of time and out of options.

Source: U.S. majority backs military action vs. North Korea: Gallup poll


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  1. Mike G says:

    A laughable article from North Korea. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/09/16/kim-says-north-korea-is-nearing-goal-military-equilibrium-with-us.html

    There is no equality between North Korea’s military and ours. The hermit king is under a delusion that nukes somehow make him equal in the world. Unfortunately he misleads himself and his country which will ultimately lead to world war III and the destruction of his country and people. China needs to prepare for refugees.

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