Why I boycotted the 2017 Emmys.

In America we all need to stand for what is right.   When I heard the line up for the Emmys I turned to other entertainment on my television.   You see,  I don’t respect the Hollywood elites that use their fame to drive a wedge between people in our country with their political skits.  These folks along with others from Hollywood have made a mockery out of our country.  Their distasteful remarks against our President is a personal attack against our country.  I find no humor in talking our country down. I am a patriot so I am totally disgusted with this type of behavior.   
The unintelligent skits I missed, the bashing of the country I fought for was something that I did not want to stomach tonight.  We have a choice in America.  I choose not to fund those that do not support this country.
Not watching the Emmys reduces advertising revenue for the network.   I am hoping to see viewership way down on the Emmys this year.  I hope others did not watch as well.  The only thing the Hollywood Elite understand is money, so hitting them in the wallet is all I can do. I tend to boycott all Hollywood events such as this.

The people from Hollywood do not understand that the world sits back, watches and judges. Their total disrespect for the President and our current administration makes us appear to be weak and disorganized.  This is the sort of mockery that countries like Iran and North Korea enjoy.   There was a time when God and Country came first.

Hollywood is so blind that they cannot see that our country needs unity right now.  Mocking and disrespecting our country it not funny. Divisiveness, racism and hate is hurtful and unproductive.  These selfish people need to start looking at the bigger picture. Their stature requires them to act with decency, respect and honor.  None of these traits seem evident in Hollywood lately.

There are a few decent folks in Hollywood.   Those I hold a great amount of respect for;  Brando, Wayne, Newman and Eastwood to name a few.

It has been a long time since the Emmys have been done in good taste.   Hollywood is supposed to be about entertainment.  It is not supposed to be a venue for the leftist political agenda.  As I grow older I am further and further removed from the Hollywood elite.  I have learned that changing the channel on the TV or just turning it off can make me feel better. There is plenty of good books to read.

Families from Texas and Florida are trying to put their lives back together and in St. Louis business owners are putting their businesses back together after the senseless riots.  The people of Hollywood tried to show that they cared about people a week ago when they spent some of their time raising funds for the victims of the Hurricanes. This was an effort to “be popular.”   The comments they made were how people were all Americans and that crisis brought out the best in people and brought them back together.

In just a few days Hollywood has forgotten about the Americans that had their lives turned inside out.  They went back to their divisive behavior, driving a political wedge between Democrats and Republicans alike forgetting we are all Americans.  They have forgot that dignity and respect was more important than themselves.  Selfishness seems to be a trait they they most cherish. Some people never change.

Source:  Fox News

Isaiah 56:11 – Yea, [they are] greedy dogs [which] can never have enough, and they [are] shepherds [that] cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter


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