Former Official: IAEA Has Credibility Issues / Trumps Right on Iran

Photograph Courtesy of TruNews

Photograph Courtesy of TruNews

In a new interview, Dr. Olli Heinonen, former deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, questioned how the organization can fully inspect Iran’s nuclear program without gaining access to its military bases.

Source: Former Official: IAEA Has Credibility Issues

The Iranian Nuclear deal was a bad one.   It has not been ratified by congress which is a problem within itself.   Furthermore Iran uses a loophole that was agreed to in the deal that we cannot inspect military bases.   This is where they are hiding their nuclear program and uranium.  The other nations that signed the deal are well aware that this was not going to stop Iran from moving forward.   When the weak deal ends in 2030 Iran will show the world its nukes it has developed.  I see a nuclear hostage crisis from North Korea and Iran in the future. The hostages will be the world.

Iran will develop nuclear weapons and like North Korea they will use them against the free world in their pursuit of tyranny.    Iran is financing Kim in North Korea.  That is no secret. Follow the money.   Iran did not sign a deal with the UN to sanction North Korea. The Ukraine and the Russian Federation is supplying North Korea with rocket motors. The Ukraine did not sign a deal with the UN to sanction North Korea.   Do you see a pattern developing?  The UN has outlived its usefulness and the United States will have to act on its own.  The bottom line is that the UN’s inactions have allowed both North Korea and Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.

The president made a speech at the United Nations today.  He pointed out some clear facts that the UN is quite broken.  The United States has its hands tied dealing with the weak European Nations.  He is right saying that Nations should put their own interests first.  I am sure there is no doubt in the world community how our president feels about our country.

His comments about wiping North Korea off the map were in-line with what a dictator would understand.  The liberal weak news organizations of the west were obviously not aligned with what Trump said.   They did their usual name-calling and bashing.   The Left does not understand how to bargain from a position of strength.  Part of the reason we are in this situation with Iran is because of the weak policies of the prior administration.

I have no doubt we will have some real challenges in our future.

What was not in the news today is that we opened a military base in Israel.  This is a landmark deal that was not discussed in the media.   This allows the United States to have a military presence in the middle east in a new area.   This was the work of the Trump administration and is critical in dealing with Iran.   This was a good call.

There is a lot going on in the world with natural disasters; Hurricanes and Earthquakes.   This is good cover for nations that plan to harm us to work on their weapons of mass destruction.


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