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It was good reading the news today.  President Trump made a stand against the NFL.  He agreed with so many Americans that it is time for the NFL to fire those that sit out the National Anthem.  With NFL rankings in the tank (I am one of those who decided to boycott this year) they don’t seem to understand why.   Roger Goodell is a weak leader and the NFL should fire him.   He is a disgrace to this country.   All players that kneel when our national anthem is played are a disgrace.  Franchise owners that allow this to happen under their watch are a disgrace.

“The NFL and our players are at our best when we help create a sense of unity in our country and our culture.” – Roger Goodell.

What a week bunch of crap coming out of his mouth.   How can the NFL create a sense of unity when its players are disrespecting our country.   He is an overpaid bag of rags that needs to be sidelined.

Also this week NBA’s Curry and the Golden State Warriors were invited to the WhiteHouse.   This is a great honor however it was becoming clear that Curry was going to use this time to make a political statement.   It appears that these rich spoiled brats from sports were going to disrespect our country again.   So now the NBA is starting to join the pieces of trash in this country.   I love President Trumps response.

“Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!” Trump tweeted Saturday morning.

This was a nice way for the President to eliminate a potential mess and a good call.  It would not be proper to have a team with honors visiting the WhiteHouse use this stage for a political stand.

Update – Just in.  First MLB player Bruce Maxwell disrespects the flag.    Now I am done watching MLB.  Its really simple –  Disrespect the flag and country and I boycott your games.   Rob Manfred head of the MLB better do something.  See this new article.  The Oakland A’s ought to do something right now before it gets out of hand.

Professional Sports is a multi-billion dollar industry.   If the leaders of these franchises cannot control their players (employees) behavior then it is time for the people of this country to take it into their own hands.   The American people are very powerful.   Not buying tickets to sporting events, not turning the television dial on to a sporting event, not subscribing to paid services like ESPN are clear messages that need to be sent.

In America you have the right to protest.   You just can’t do it on my dime –

There is a few NFL teams I like that have a great amount of respect for our country.  The teams and coaches work hard to put on a great show and are patriots.   These are the shining light in our sports entertainment industry.   It is a shame that they are getting punished by actions of disrespectful players and owners that cannot bring sports entertainment back to what it is.  It is entertainment and not a political display.

This year I will be joining a large group of Americans that will not allow pieces of trash to desecrate our country with financial rewards for doing so.  Until the franchise owners get a clear message that Americans will not tolerate un-patriotic overpaid bags of rags then they can deal with declining revenues and viewership.  These rich phony Americans that do not have the courage to stand up and fire these folks that disrespect our country are condoning it.  To those owners I say – “toleration of non-patriotic acts of your employees is condoning the behavior.”  Ignoring this behavior makes you just as un-American and as bad as your employees.


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