The NFL Season is Over

I have already voiced my opinion that I would boycott the NFL this year for disrespecting our Flag, Anthem and Military.  I can only hope others in America will do the same.  I know there was a few standouts that did not protest the Anthem this weekend, Aljejandro Villanueva for one.  I thank you for respecting our country, and I am sorry that I have to boycott your performances this year due to your other teammates disrespect of the country.  Unfortunately what the team does affects all players.

The Flag or Anthem is not something you protest if you are an American.  There is a special place those people can go that disrespected the Anthem.  Use your imagination.

My goals are hopefully aligned with others is to break the NFL.   I want to see their earnings cut and the viewership diminished to a point it is no longer a sporting event in the United States. I am going to try to see who is running ads with the NFL as well and boycott those products.   Anything that supports the NFL I am now an enemy of.   I hope advertisers see the light and cut doing business with the NFL.   I sure would not want to be associated with being un-American.

As other professional sports teams are following, MLB, NBA  for example, I will not watch those activities either.   I won’t allow myself to see this type of display against our country.

There are plenty of things to do in America besides sitting in front of the Television watching Football, Basketball and Baseball.

I was impressed that NASCAR stated that their team members would not be getting involved in this type of display and would be standing for the Anthem.  Kudo’s for their management which seems to understand what taking a knee means when the National Anthem is Played.

Here is a good article to read that explains how a true patriot feels about people disrespecting the flag and anthem.


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  1. Mike G says:

    The National Felon League (NFL) had dozens take a knee during our National Anthem. On the opposite side there was those Non Felons on the Patriots Team which stood through the anthem with their hands over their hearts and their left hand on the shoulder of a fellow team-mate. The 49rs are pieces of garbage that can go to hades along with every other disrespectful piece of excrement on the felons league. I held true today and will continue to do so by boycotting the felons. The only reason for the comment is that I read the news; I did not and will continue not watching the NFL. They are dead to me.

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