Recap of the News for 9/29/2017

It has been a very interesting news week.    After reading through the headlines today I had a thought.  What if the news media just didn’t report stuff that was stupid.   Here are some examples of what was in the news this week:

  1. Viewer outrage from Will and Grace episode.  Obviously they trashed trump on their little series.   America can handle this stuff.   Just turn off the TV or change the channel and don’t watch it.   You already know Hollywood right?  They make money for make-believe.   Was anyone surprised there was a leftist insulting show from Hollywood?  This is not news.
  2. California Student steals Make America Great Again hat from a person and the curses at the person she stole the hat from and makes all sorts political and racial rants.   Blame this on the poor education system in California.   Enroll students in states where education is “education.”   The school will either close or wake up and change its ways.  Hey Liberal Students!   When was it okay to steal?   Was that what your mother and father taught you?   Thought Not!
  3. OJ Simpson set to be released from prison soon.   He is over 70.  Who gives a crap?
  4. Federal Judge tells Pennsylvania County to drop Christian Cross from its seal.   Really?   Christians are being persecuted all over this world.   Band together and recall the judge that made the call.  Problem Solved.
  5. NFL Ticket Sales down 31% and viewer-ship down 13%.  It’s hardly a story.  The NFL trashed the Flag, Anthem and Military.  To me you sow what you reap.   I guess those million dollar salaries for playing with a ball are going away.  So are the big stadiums.   Perhaps with all that muscle there could have been a few more brains?  For those NFL patriots I was not talking to you.
  6. Melania Trump donates Doctor Seuss books and other children’s books.  She is told Doctor Seuss is racial and the school does not want them.   I say take them back.   I hear good Christian schools don’t have a problem with them.
  7. Various NFL Teams apologizing and some are starting funds to fight injustice and inequality.   Again, who cares.  You did the crime, live with the punishment.   I won’t be donating and apologies don’t work.   Yes, Denver Bronco’s, that means you too.  I’m thinking you must have taken a bigger hit on your ticket sales?  There is no way to excuse your behavior on the field.
  8. Women objects to Confederate Flag.   Gets her own permit to fly a Black Lives Matter Flag.   Again, who cares?  I don’t give a darn about either flag.  It should not be news.  I am sure the gangs and thugs will tear down the Confederate Flag, as they are destroying property and injuring police, all the while chanting “black lives matter.”
  9. Miley Cyrus backtracks on vow to leave America if Trump was elected?  Who cares.   This isn’t news.  I was hoping though that she would have left!  Tell that flea bitten, drug using, sicko to go away. We don’t want you on “The Voice.”
  10. New mobile game called Racist.   Again, who cares but it was in the news.

I think I left enough examples but you can add more to the comments if you like.   There is just stuff that should not be in the news.

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