CIA’s James Woolsey: North Korea Has Nuke in Satellite Over USA

Image Courtesy of TruNews

Image Courtesy of TruNews

Today Rick (TruNews) discusses former CIA Director James Woolsey’s confirmation that North Korea has a nuclear device in their satellite that passes over America twice a day and details the preparations being made for an EMP attack.

Source: CIA’s James Woolsey: North Korea Has Nuke in Satellite Over USA

So is this really true news?   Probably not.  EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) devices are quite real but in today’s world they do not have a credible threat.   If North Korea in fact has EMP capable satellites orbiting above the US the damage to the electrical grid would be minimal if they were detonated.   Looking at History, in 1962 a bomb 100 times larger than what North Korea claims to have  knocked out a few street lights in Hawaii when it was detonated.   So with knowing that you can take this as a “no.”

North Korea has continued to work on its ICBM’s to hit the U.S. mainland because it already knows that an EMP device is not feasible and it will not work.

The scary news about EMP’s destroying our country is pretty much fake news.

Interesting enough the United States is still working to harden its Electrical Generating Facilities.   Automotive Manufacturers have already made great strides in hardening Automotive Electronics so they will survive an EMP.   The cars manufactured over the past four or five years have been hardened to the point where an electromagnetic pulse would not do anything to them.  So I guess you don’t have to keep those old point-ignition cars anymore.   There is a few electronic devices that might be vulnerable to an EMP but the list grows small.   If you are that worried you can go on the Internet and get the instructions to build a Faraday cage.

For me, it would be smarter to figure out how to survive if a nuke is dropped;  Water, Food and Protection to survive makes more sense that protecting my mobile phone.

Anyway –  What do you think?

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