Gun Control

Gun Control

Gun Control

After the shootings in Las Vegas there is renewed call from the uneducated to ban guns.   Why do I say they are uneducated?  Its simple.   Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Liberals think that our pistols come to life on their own, load themselves, and crawl out into the street and kill people.   Somehow these pretend pundits think that taking away the right of responsible citizens to protect themselves is magically going to make a change in the carnage in the United States. Rendering citizens without protection will open up the streets for criminals, thugs and terrorists.

So as you digest what I just said think about this.

  1. Do criminals get concealed weapon permits?

  2. Do criminals register their guns?

  3. Do criminals lock up their guns in gun safes or with locks?

The answers to the above questions are no, no and no.    There is no way gun control is going to stop whack jobs from killing people.  What it will do is allow them to have free control everywhere.    The shooter in Vegas got a hotel room 30 floors up and shot people at a concert.   This is very hard to protect from.   Gun Control was not going to stop this behavior.   This person was completely insane.  Gun control is not going to stop the criminals and thugs from robbing you are assaulting you.

People carrying weapons on the street will minimize the damage from these whack jobs.   The nice thing about concealed weapons are they are just that “concealed.”   This means that if they are properly carried people do not know you have them.   This includes nut cases that may just want to blow you away at the movie theater or the mall.

Liberal nut-cases would have you believe that the police would protect you.   They will get there to clean up the mess but it only takes a second to start shooting people at a mall or at Starbucks.   Who is going to protect you?   It’s probably going to be one of us that has a CWC permit.  You might want to think about that before you try to take our rights.

So let’s think about those that want gun control.  These are lawmakers that make millions of dollars and have their own private security forces (with guns) protecting them.   Do you have a private security force?  These are Hollywood rich snobs that have their secured property with electric fences and security guards.  Normal people like you and I don’t have that luxury.  I don’t know about you but I want every opportunity to live my life with my family.  I don’t need some politician or movie star telling me whats good for me. Are they going to be there when thugs break into my home and threaten my family? Are the police going to be there?

The people that want gun control have never owned one, never shot one, never had their life threatened, never been robbed, beat, stabbed or assaulted.  They have never gone to war and depended on their rifle for their survival.  They have never had to protect their friends and comrades.  So they are completely uneducated.  How about living in the “real world” folks.

The reality is that our ancestors protected the common folk with the Second Amendment.  I am thankful that they did.  Otherwise those that think that they know what is like to be “common folk” would be taking all of our rights away.

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