Michelle Obama: People ‘Don’t Trust Politics’ Because Republican Party Is ‘All Men, All White’

Image Courtesy Fox News -  Michelle Obama

Image Courtesy Fox News – Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said that many people “don’t trust politics” because the Republican Party is “all men, all white.”

Source: Michelle Obama: People ‘Don’t Trust Politics’ Because Republican Party Is ‘All Men, All White’ | Fox News Insider

This is exactly what is wrong with America today.   Her divisive statements are exactly what this country does not need.  You would think a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School would have been provided with some education and intelligence.  Does she really think that skin color makes a difference?  To be honest I don’t care what comes out of her mouth.  Her comments today underscore the fact that she lacks a complete understanding of what people are, what Americans are and what her role model should be now she is not the First Lady.  I toss her to the side the same way I place garbage in the trash can.   Her true colors are showing.  She is a racially prejudiced.

Earlier this week she tried to tell women who they should vote for.   Now Congress is a bunch of white gray-haired men. Michelle, your racial slurs are not needed. We know who you are.

The Obama’s had their shot at the White-House.  They ruined this country from 2008 to 2016.   Their liberal socialistic ideology really took this country down.   It is going to take more than four years to clean up their mess. Their vision on America was to provide free health-care, food-stamps and housing for all.  They did that and more.  Our deficit doubled.  Taking other people’s money only works until they run out.  (Socialism).

Michelle,  many people don’t trust politics because of people like you.   Look in the mirror.

I would highly recommend that all of the alphabet news agencies quit reporting on the Obama’s.   They are not in politics and have no influence on this country anymore.   Ask the 52 million people who voted against their legacy.    Now that their racial views are out of the closet there should be even more reason to discount what they say.

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