Legislative Dinosaurs

Official California State Dinosaur Image Courtesy of SOJ51.org

Official California State Dinosaur Image Courtesy of SOJ51.org

Legislative Dinosaurs

Article From Jefferson State Website

Courtesy of Dianna Baird, Ginny Rapini and Terry Gherardi

It’s that time of year again when our mighty governor is soaking his hand in ice water to numb the pain of signing so many bills into law. The feverish pace of turning Californian’s into criminals, criminals into a protective class, stripping away your inalienable rights, rubber stamping the construction of a casino to anyone who’s relatives came over the Aleutian Islands about 10,000 years ago, falling on the sword of climate change and stepping on the federal government’s authority over immigration has everyone at the Capitol running off for another long vacation.

Let’s begin with the last one. SB54 is our new Sanctuary State Bill that prohibits any level of California government to aid the federal government with its police powers when it comes to immigration. Readers of this column should know by now that the author herein is no fan of federal overreach, but this is actually one of the enumerated powers that the federal government does enjoy. One can only wonder how long this seditious behavior will be tolerated by our friends in Washington DC.

Everyone is familiar by now with SB52, the tax increases on fuel and vehicle registration. The Feinstein Omnibus Welfare Act is what it should be called. The bullet train to nowhere is under contract to Diane’s husband. The cost overruns alone on a two mile stretch of track near Fresno is already $2 Billion dollars. That is correct, with a “B”.

AB398 is the gem that swaps the highly illegal fire fee for the carbon trading scheme till 2030. In a deal to stop ripping off rural Californians, they decided that it was better to perpetuate the carbon lie with their bogus Cap and Trade program instead.

AJR14 Chinese Exclusion Act – ok, common sense, I get this, but it also blasts President Trump’s orders on immigration. This is one of the keys to California’s biggest failures: its inability to address one thing and one thing only in a bill. Who would have the guts to vote against a combo bill like this? Vote for it and your aligning yourself with the out of control DACA crowd which is only a minor transgression compared to voting against it and proving yourself an out and out racist.

A quick list of some other infringements coming our way:

ACA1 Greenhouse Gas Reserve Fund is now in our constitution
AJR20 Swearing allegiance to the Paris Climate Accord
AB552 United Water Conservation District coming after groundwater though inspections and “fees”
AJR24 Urges Congress not to adopt Concealed Carry Reciprocity laws that CA might be required to follow

And why is this article titled the way it is? Though AB1540, we now have an official state dinosaur – Augustynolophus morrisi. With all the machinations they put through the sausage factory this year, they wasted valuable legislative time on picking a state dinosaur. Unbelievable.

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  1. Mike says:

    It is a real shame that the Liberal Leadership, Governor and Representatives in California do everything they can to undermine our immigration policies and second amendment rights. They are destroying what safeguards the Constitution has provided. I am sick and tired of laws being passed by this legislative group in California only to tie up and waste taxpayer dollars when these issues have to go to the courts to be overturned. This takes years to decades to undo. In the meantime the state’s citizens suffer the consequences of increased crime and removed second amendment rights. The only winners in California are criminals, illegal immigrants, welfare recipients, LGBT Gay rights activists, NAACP, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Terrorists.

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