Iran’s secret sites linked to nuclear weapons development revealed

Photo from Fox News

Photo from Fox News

President Donald Trump is expected this week to “decertify” the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), better known simply as the Iran deal, declaring that the agreement reached in 2015 by the U.S. and five other international powers is not in America’s national interest.

Source: Iran’s secret sites linked to nuclear weapons development revealed

It quite interesting that Obama was given the Peace Prize for the Iran Nuclear deal while Iran continued to build their nuclear program.  The IAEA could not inspect military bases inside Iran under the deal, so the Iranians just continued to build their nuclear program on the bases.  I am not like other Americans that are naive.  I knew the deal was bunk.

We  now have concrete proof that they have violated this agreement which should not even be valid because it was not ratified by Congress.

There is now two new nuclear powers – North Korea and Iran.

The Obama administration allowed the continued development of nuclear weapons in both North Korea and Iran while doing nothing but pretending to resolve the issues.  He threw literally Millions of Dollars at Iran and did nothing with North Korea.   His administration allowed the greatest advancement even though I acknowledge the Presidents from the last 3 decades did not really do anything to halt them.

It is becoming very clear that we are going to be very involved in conflicts in North Korea and Iran as well as Afghanistan and battles with ISIS in Iraq and Syria.   It is beginning to look like the beginning of the next major conflict in the world.   I am curious what China and the Russian Federation will do.


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