We Don’t Care

It seems that media is obsessed with putting everybody’s political opinions on front page news.  When I say everybody I am referring to the rich and blameless, sports figures and political figures on each side of the aisle.

Does the news media really think I give a darn about anyone’s political opinion?   The reality is we just don’t care.  I don’t care.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

There is nothing that a celebrity or politician can say that can influence how I think, or what I believe to be right or wrong.  The issue is that most of these people have absolutely zero credibility.  We are talking about people who have millions of dollars, private security and sprawling mansions.   They are looking for sheep to follow them off a cliff.  I am a wolf.  I don’t  follow – I lead.  There is no person that can influence me.  I try to wade through the knee-deep poop and dig for facts that help me make my own decisions.

Any law that is enacted by the elite has to be bad for the common folk that hold a job and work for a living.   We are the ones that do not matter.  The votes politicians pander for are the illegals (who aren’t supposed to vote but do) and the welfare check recipients.   The donations politicians pander for are from the Hollywood elite, the rich and blameless, and the companies that have tons of cash lying around like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. Any law that would benefit the middle class will never be passed.  After all, many of us have our own brains and can make up our own minds.

It would nice to read the news without seeing politically tainted stories that lack clarity.  What is on the news is so politically slanted that it just is not true.  Can you see why we don’t care?

So when is the news true – and when do we care?

Well, we can hear about fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcano’s.  We can be sure that these stories are true because there is no political gain or votes at stake.   There are no special interest groups that can benefit.  Of course I did forget that President Trump purposely directed the Hurricanes to Texas, Florida, the Keys and the Caribbean.  (That’s what the news said.)  So I guess the media is unreliable for that as well.

It’s really not that we don’t care, but we just don’t care about what the media reports because it is full of lies, dishonesty, truth stretching, fact bending, political spinning and rich whining pundits that do anything to not report the facts.  They are concerned with their own interest, pocketbooks and fame.

Just some facts that are true.

There is a document that was written that provides direction for our country.  It is called the Constitution for those that don’t know.  Perhaps they should “Google it” just in case they have never heard of this document.   For those that think that the President makes laws should maybe open a history book and be shocked that we have a Legislative, Judicial and Executive branch of our government.  Congress makes laws, the president can either approve or veto them, and we have a Judicial branch that can review the laws for constitutionality in case they are challenged.   These basic principles are completely unknown to a wide population of our country.   I think the last poll said that 70% of the population could not even name the three branches of the Federal Government.   I wonder how many people know what resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.?

When people who can actually report the facts without tainting them with their own views and political agenda I might just believe the news.  Until then,  I just don’t care.

If you want to get the facts about anything that is going on in our country the only way is to read the document. We have a great Internet.  When the fake lying news reports on a story sometimes they actually attach the document.  It is just easier to “google” the document and read it yourself, form your own opinion and move on.

The news just picks out sentences and spins it to their likings.  If you want to know what President Trump did about health-care today go on-line and read his executive order.  That is the truth – not what the news reports.

If you want to give a darn about your country then you will have to be self-reliant.

As for the news media – We don’t care what you have to say because it probably is not true.

The Opinion in this Article is expressed by Mike G



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