Presidential Executive Order Promoting Healthcare Choice and Competition Across the United States

The White House (

The White House (


Source: Presidential Executive Order Promoting Healthcare Choice and Competition Across the United States |

As usual the media like CNN are lying to the public about the recently signed Executive Order by President Trump on Healthcare.   One example of this was saying that preexisting conditions were not covered.  That is just fake news.   The source link I have provided above has the complete text of the Executive Order.  I suggest you read it for yourself.   You will then realize how much the liberal news media is lying.  It is no surprise to me why the President keeps going to social media to get his message out.   The media cannot handle the fact that the President is fixing things for this country the only way he can because we have a Congress that will not act.

Without the President’s intervention the Healthcare system was about to implode.

Currently the Obama plan prevented companies and individuals from obtaining insurance from companies across state lines.  This completely eliminated competition on Healthcare across the country.  People in California could only buy from exchanges in California and they could charge what they wanted, even though the price for coverage may have been half that in Nevada.   The President opened up the free market on Healthcare.  The net result of this executive action should reduce healthcare premium costs.    Now you can shop all over the country for coverage and the free market is once again open.

The healthcare companies that are now forced to compete are a little upset.  After all they have been ripping off consumers since Obamacare was placed into law, and making billions of dollars of revenue.

I have had personal experience with healthcare this year with my own family.   It has not been good.   I checked out Obamacare premiums and they averaged $1600 a month because I work.  Off the exchange through my employer the were about half.  The changes may now offer me a choice because my employer-provided insurance (my wife and I have two choices – hers or mine) gets to decide what is covered and what is not.   This year alone I will work the entire year just handing my salary over to Medical Insurance Providers and Hospitals.  Our out-of-pocket premiums are near $8,000 a year.  Our Out of Pocket Deductible is another $6,000.  Uncovered medical expenses due to insurance picking and choosing what to pay for will be $20,000.   This years medical cost for my wife and I will be $34,000.  I am quite pissed off that people on welfare get all of this for nothing, get housing and food stamps and live better than us.   Healthcare has shattered the American Dream and will continue to for those that have jobs, pay taxes and are productive members of society.

The news media would have you believe how bad this is.   It is very clear who their supporters are.  Big Healthcare companies, along with welfare voters for the politicians.

The only people who are upset with the changes are those which have been fleecing the taxpayers pockets for years lying around the house not working and getting free stuff.   These changes will require them to get off their butts and go to work like everyone else.

It is a shame the Democratic Party under Obama meddled in Healthcare.   It did so much better on the free market.  There has never been a case where Government ran business and it did well.   Running business should be left to private enterprise.  It is clear to me that we have a President in office that completely understands business.  He also could care less what people think.  That is obvious too.   The fact that he goes on social media and says what many of us are thinking terrifies the Liberals. After all, their comfortable way of fleecing the taxpayers is coming to and end (at least until the next election.)

I believe that the Democrats will do everything in 2020 to turn the tide of the election back to them by circumventing voter ID laws, having dead people vote, vote across state lines and tamper with voting machines.   We have a temporary reprieve for the next 3 years before this country resumes its course on a path to destruction.  The only way to avert this is to have sensible people go to the polls or mail in their ballots in 2020.  All Republicans must vote.


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