Some Interesting Facts on the State of California

California Poppy

California Poppy

I received this information from the website.   The team of Jeffersonians that are fighting for our freedom from the California regime see to always have some pertinent information.   Ginny Rapini always seems to do her homework.   This is not fake news.

What is the Solution?

California continues to exuberantly boasts its progressive bad policies, laws and regulations in a celebratory manner while the rest of the state feels dark, helpless and abandoned. Here is a reality check on the State’s progressive movement.
When comparing other states of this Country, California ranks…

  • LAST in education.
  • LAST in fiscal restraint.
  • FIRST in high income taxes
  • FIRST in regulatory restrictions.
  • FIRST in gas taxes
  • HIGHEST in sales taxes and dozens of other hidden and seen miscellaneous taxes.
  • FIRST in percentage of welfare recipients and food stamp receivers with the state actually boasting that one third of the entire nation’s welfare recipients come from California.
  • Which then, the next statistic should not be a surprise…
  • California is FIRST in the highest poverty rate in the nation.
  • HIGHEST in budget deficit and underfunded state pension system.

Thanks to voters approving the 2014 Prop 47 – The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, California’s violent crime is back on the rise, soon to make us FIRST – even surpassing Chicago. BUT, we can boast that we have trans-gender bathrooms and we have a new law that makes knowingly transmitting HIV to a partner as no longer a felony.  We have laws coming that will put you in jail if you use a gender term that is ruled incorrect. While most of us are completely abhorred with these transgressions, there are a small contingency of Jeffersonians that would be put off by this. May want to reconsider including this paragraph.

California was once home to some of the finest highways, bridges, dams and reservoirs.  No longer is that true for the “golden” state.  Through lack of proper governance, California is now known for its statewide, crumbling infrastructure.

California wants to lead other states in its progressive ideologies; yet with its path of progressive destruction is instead a leader of failed  policies, and the poster child state of what not to do unless state suicide is the goal.   California has become the Greece of the United States.???

Does it sound hopeless?  It might if you aren’t aware that there is a solution that will restore liberty and freedom to at least a third of the state.  That solution is, more representation (to combat the overwhelming senseless laws) restoration of our life liberty; and, personal property rights. The State of Jefferson has a plan to restore each of these that were afforded us by the blood, sweat and tears of our Founding Fathers.

Now I know there are many who say, “Yeah I’m all for it…but it’ll never happen.”  So, what is YOUR alternative to change the course of California’s  history? What would you propose to take back at least part of our state on behalf of liberty?  What is YOUR solution?  There is no other legal way.  Thankfully, our Founders never listened to those who just threw up their hands and proclaimed they wanted liberty but “it will never happen.”

Some say the solution is to just get the “right politician” in so we can turn the state around. In 2010, when the Tea Party movement catapulted 83 new politicians into the House of Representatives, what happened…  Yes, we were able to stop Obama from his free reign of allowing this country to turn to a socialist nation.  BUT, what was more telling was found in the Heritage Action review after the end of the first term of those 83 new legislators; only nine remained true to the core values they were elected on of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets.  The rest was voting along the Republican Elite line.  If you doubt that, just check out the statistics of the many are still there today.  What do you see?

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  1. Mike says:

    If it wasn’t for natures beauty in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range where I live near South Lake Tahoe I would not live in this state. I hate going into the city. It is filled with homeless, drug addicts, crime, racial discrimination, hate and filth. I much prefer to head East to South Lake Tahoe, but that part of the state is being ruined as well. Living in California is an embarrassment. I do not agree with any of the policies that the state has changed since it was a red state back in the 1970’s. I am quite disgusted with the continued liberal policies, violations of Federal Law, Sanctuary cities, LGBT laws for 211,000 that 36 million of us have to abide with, the infringement of my Second Amendment Rights, and more. We are being taxed to death. I could go on but you get my point. Perhaps when I retire in 6 years I will have to search our great nation to find natures beauty, peace and the lack of liberal government that respects my pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

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