Some Interesting Facts on the State of California

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  1. Mike says:

    If it wasn’t for natures beauty in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range where I live near South Lake Tahoe I would not live in this state. I hate going into the city. It is filled with homeless, drug addicts, crime, racial discrimination, hate and filth. I much prefer to head East to South Lake Tahoe, but that part of the state is being ruined as well. Living in California is an embarrassment. I do not agree with any of the policies that the state has changed since it was a red state back in the 1970’s. I am quite disgusted with the continued liberal policies, violations of Federal Law, Sanctuary cities, LGBT laws for 211,000 that 36 million of us have to abide with, the infringement of my Second Amendment Rights, and more. We are being taxed to death. I could go on but you get my point. Perhaps when I retire in 6 years I will have to search our great nation to find natures beauty, peace and the lack of liberal government that respects my pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

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