When Elected Officials Should be Fired

Vote on the Whitehouse.gov Petition

Vote on the Whitehouse.gov Petition

Sign the Petition for Censure

I am not going to mention the person’s name in Congress this week that hit the news with her racial comments.  I don’t believe I can bring myself to print their name in my blog because I disrespect them so much. I will mention my thoughts about what should happen to her and other elected officials when they use / speak with racial comments.

Here is my position:

When people in elected positions (Senators, Congress, etc) begin to speak with racial prejudice then they can no longer represent the people.  They need to be immediately fired and a special election should occur to replace them.  In an elected position you must represent your entire district not a select few.   In addition your comments must always be respectful of your peers, subordinates and customers.  Disagreement is handled with professionalism.  Name calling, race citing and other accusations are grounds for immediate dismissal.

I am growing weary of people with positions or power that use their influence to create racial divide in our country.  There are many NFL players, Hollywood Actors and the wealthy that are guilty of this.

In America we adhere ourself to much higher standards.   I don’t really listen to the garbage spoken by these people.  I don’t watch the NFL anymore and I certainly turn off people who make statements that I don’t want to hear.  They don’t realize that I turn down the volume, change the channel, browse a different Internet site, throw the mail in the garbage and don’t read the newspaper. If I don’t respect someone I just don’t listen to them.  America is a free country.   We have the right to tune out.  I am not a sheep that follows others.

I am well-educated, I know my rights, I know the Constitution, I know our History and my heritage.   I understand that unfortunately there are bad elected officials in our government.  I understand that my vote probably does not make a difference  however I still exercise it because you never know.

I have placed a petition on the Whitehouse.gov website.  If you feel this should happen sign the petition.  If the 100,000 signatures are not earned in 30 days it will be discarded.   I wonder how many people feel like I do?



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