21 Counties of California Refuse to Support State Sanctuary Bill

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  1. Mike says:

    With more than three quarters of the state residents against sanctuary status the corrupt liberal government in California still signs into law an illegal bill that protects illegal citizens. This is a travesty. It will be interesting to see what action will be taken when our law enforcement continues to turn over illegals to the Federal Government. It would certainly be a showdown. I cannot see any jury prosecuting the police department for doing their jobs. Brown and the other liberal lawmakers in California are absolutely insane. This is not about protecting the citizens of California but pushing their own agenda. There is so much wrong with California. It is time that the Federal Government did their job and took action against California. There should be Federal Lawsuits filed and injunctions for every crony law that the State has passed. There should be an injunction against SB51. There should be an injunction against the fuel tax. I wish I had millions of dollars to fight these jerks. Unfortunately I am just another helpless citizen caught in the middle. California is an over-reaching, corrupt, state that needs to be put in check.

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