21 Counties of California Refuse to Support State Sanctuary Bill

California State Captiol

California State Capitol

The State of Jefferson joins the California Sheriff’s Association and National Sheriff’s Association, in their call for Congress to, “take action and pass sensible legislation that doesn’t hamstring law enforcement.” The citizens of the twenty-one counties that encompass the State of Jefferson have long supported their county sheriffs who have declared they will comply with Federal Immigration Law, should the Governor sign SB 54. The Jefferson leadership has been outspoken about Brown and his administration putting the needs of illegal aliens (criminals), before that of the health and safety of American Citizens.

SB 54 not only bars sheriffs and police from asking people about their immigration status or participation in most federal immigration enforcement activities, but also would largely prohibit school and security officers, from using money or staff to investigate, question, hold or arrest people for immigration violations.

State of Jefferson also supports efforts by Congressman Tom McClintock and others who are looking at ways where cities and counties who are within a Sanctuary State would be able to file and be awarded federal grant monies. The Counties of Tehama and Siskiyou and the cities of Anderson and Lincoln have already adopted Resolutions declaring they will comply with Federal Immigration Laws.

Efforts continue by residents in many of the Northern rural counties, requesting that their County Supervisors also take a stand adopting similar Resolutions, and also officially support their County Sheriffs who have taken a vow to uphold the laws of our United States Constitution.

Those of Jefferson are not alone in their opposition of Sanctuary counties and cities. In a recent poll by the University of California, Berkeley, 74% of Californian’s opposed Sanctuary Jurisdiction.

“The passage of SB 54 is just another example of Brown and his cohorts ignoring the voice of the people, just as with the passage of the recent gas tax increase, along with the lack of representation that exists for rural residents in the California State Legislature,” said a Jefferson spokesperson. Adding, “It is time that Brown and his administration start respecting California citizens and our law enforcement officers, who everyday risk their lives, diligently doing their jobs to protect their communities.”

California’s sanctuary state law is the perfect example of Governor Brown and his crony’s socialist agenda for our State. The law demands that Federal Laws be broken; it orders law enforcement officers to break those laws. Then the law imposes a blanket censorship on free speech by limiting what law enforcement officers can and cannot say. The law rejects the idea of the Union of Sovereign States and instead creates a singular sovereign State of California, a State that that now elects to pick and choose what Federal Laws to obey. At minimum the State of California has rejected laws on drug abuse and illegal immigration.

Terry Gherardi
Public Information Officer
State of Jefferson

Governor Brown Adds To California’s Problems

Let’s not forget that Governor Brown also took this a step further by violating both the U.S. Constitution and State Constitution by making an illegal agreement on behalf of California with the People’s Republic of China to enforce the Paris Accord in contravention to the wishes of the President of the United States.

As a social mechanism, the sanctuary state law is equally disastrous. Previously Governor Brown declared, California welcomes all “illegal” immigrants. The trust of recent legislation in Sacramento has been to make sure people coming here illegally in violation of Federal Law have access to:

  • free legal services
  • free K-12 education
  • free or comped college
  • driver’s license handed out with Department of Vehicles which effectively automates voter registration
  • free legal advice on how to qualify for Medical Obama Care
  • housing assistance, etc.

You name it, California is raking in the Federal tax dollars to provide it….free. That ought to make the folks in the other 49 states happy.
California already has a Welfare Problem

Sixteen of its almost 40 million people are on MediCal, the State’s version of Medicaid.
California already has a Housing Problem

After 60 years of environmental controls blocking home construction, there is a massive shortage of housing; and, tiny tract homes in the boondocks are now selling for more than a Half Million Dollars.
California has a Crime Problem

The State’s crime rate has doubled as Governor Brown et. al. empty the State’s prisons rather than build new prisons to incarcerate criminals. Brown did the same thing in his previous two terms as governor. He changed the prisons to correctional facilities and his judges were so weak that the people recalled three State Supreme Court appointees.

And, on October 11, 2017, just a few days after the Las Vegas shooting, Governor Brown signed SB620, that allows judges to decide against imposing prison sentencing enhancements of 10 or more years where firearms are used in committing a felony.
California has a Bankruptcy Problem

The unfunded liability State Pension Fund scandal has become a daily news diet of local governments facing bankruptcy. The government employee’s answer to the pension financial meltdown is to cut fire, police, library services, and ignore the maintenance of infrastructure.

This was contributed by Mike Pottage, an El Dorado County resident, who was a newspaper editor, political columnist and reporter for 45 years, with the Los Angeles Examiner, Sacramento Union, and Los Angeles Herald. Some minor editing and updates by Jefferson Messenger Staff. Look for more regarding California’s Problems in past & future Jefferson Messenger editions.

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  1. Mike says:

    With more than three quarters of the state residents against sanctuary status the corrupt liberal government in California still signs into law an illegal bill that protects illegal citizens. This is a travesty. It will be interesting to see what action will be taken when our law enforcement continues to turn over illegals to the Federal Government. It would certainly be a showdown. I cannot see any jury prosecuting the police department for doing their jobs. Brown and the other liberal lawmakers in California are absolutely insane. This is not about protecting the citizens of California but pushing their own agenda. There is so much wrong with California. It is time that the Federal Government did their job and took action against California. There should be Federal Lawsuits filed and injunctions for every crony law that the State has passed. There should be an injunction against SB51. There should be an injunction against the fuel tax. I wish I had millions of dollars to fight these jerks. Unfortunately I am just another helpless citizen caught in the middle. California is an over-reaching, corrupt, state that needs to be put in check.

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