How the Liberal Left is Destroying our Culture and Holidays.

You can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, and liberal snowflakes none of the time.



Another Holiday is under attack by the snowflakes – this time Halloween. Even though I have never been a fan of this holiday it is still tradition for many.

If the snowflakes have it their way – which they will, there will be no holidays left to celebrate in America except “Gay Pride Day, Black Pride Day, Illegal Immigration Day, National Thugs Day, Love a Criminal Day, National Protest Day, National Homeless Day and Welfare Week.”

The traditional holidays are not politically correct anymore. What value is tradition to the Liberals anyway? After all, dressing up in a Ghost costume is not acceptable anymore because not everyone can have a Ghost costume or want one. That nasty Jack’o Lantern is orange – not a political correct color.  Dressing Males and Females in different color outfits at Graduation is not gender friendly.  Gender X might have it’s feelings hurt – so everyone dresses the same.  Maybe a Military School Uniform for all.  After all being a boy or girl  is just so inappropriate. It would be okay for a man to dress in a black and orange dress and hang out in the womens restroom though. That is just them being gender neutral. Its okay to tell your kids you can be any sex they want, instead of telling them work hard and learn so you can do anything you want. After all America is the land of dreams or is it?

It’s okay to mob people at the mall on Black Friday for presents, but its not for Christmas presents. Nope, its just  Mall Holiday Month where you beat each other over the head for a TV, or camp out overnight for the newest phone or toy. It wouldn’t be anything about religion or celebrating the birth of Christ because that is just not politically correct. Its not about family getting together. A Muslim holiday season would be okay or would it?

Memorial Day is just a time to party and do drugs. After all pot is legal just about everywhere. Who cares if you drive under the influence and run over a few party goers? Its not a day to remember those who gave up their lives to protect your freedom. What is the point of respecting the lives of the fallen anyway?  They are dead after all.  The wars are all  over or are they?

Just in case – July 4th is not about celebrating our independence but is just another party day to go to the beach or the lake and get drunk. There wouldn’t be anything about our country gaining its freedom or anything about our trampled Constitution. Oh ya, there are fireworks so you can blow people up and start a forest fire. Who were the British anyway? Whats a few taxes without representation. No biggie if you are on Welfare.  I am sure it won’t be politically correct much longer to celebrate our Independence.   After all most would say “independence from what?”

My sarcasm could continue but you get the point. Liberal thinking and Liberal Leadership is destroying our Country. It is destroying our foundation. It is destroying our Constitution, our Freedom, our safety and our way of life.  Taking away what makes America Great is what the liberal foundation is.  After all, why should America be special?  Shouldn’t we be just like China, The Russian Federation, France or North Korea?

Snowflakes will continue to move our country down this path until there is nothing left. You can’t take other people’s money forever. It runs out. Illegal Immigration will bring more crime and death. Welfare to those that are druggies, homeless or lazy will do nothing to improve our infrastructure, education or healthcare. The breakdown of the morale fiber in the genders will bring great harm to others. What it will bring is death, destruction, riots, starvation and anarchy.  Liberals would thrive on anarchy.

If people keep blowing up what made this country great it will be great no longer. Intelligent thought, morale guides, religion, and self-righteousness would be a great path to take.

My solution is self-subsistence, a concealed weapon and mountain living. When social unrest becomes the norm it won’t be pleasant living in the cities. The rural areas will be the safe zone.

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  1. Crowley McDunsten says:

    I agree. Liberals are starting to take our country and its becoming a joke. Crazy snowflake dickheads are ruining the fabric of what makes this country great. they wont stop until we do become an anarchy. America is in a lot of trouble. Someone has to do something about this.

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