Why is the Clinton Family Above the Law

Clinton Crime Family

Clinton Crime Family

We all see it, article upon article in the news on how Hillary Clinton broke the law.  It started long ago back in the 1990’s with the Whitewater scandal.   Bill and Hillary had illegal dealings back then but were allowed to skate.

Lets talk about recent history.  How about the illegal usage of email when she was Secretary of State.  How about destruction of evidence on several mobile phones (beating them with a hammer)  using software like Bleachbit to destroy evidence and wiping their home-brewed server.   I guess James Comey from the FBI was sure to give her a free pass.   After all he wrote a memorandum to not charge her long before the investigation was completed.

How about the illegal meeting between the Attorney General and Bill Clinton on the airport tarmac?   Guess they get away with that too.   I guess having a meeting with the Attorney General to stop charges from being leverage against his wife was okay?

How about the Uranium scandal.   It appears Hillary Clinton can use her influence as Secretary of State to approve the selling of 25% of our countries Uranium reserves to the Russian Federation and cash out on it is okay.   Yes, it’s a big problem but now of course the statue of limitation applies?

How about campaign finance fraud and illegal dealings to set up a fake dossier to damage Donald Trump using DNC funds in the tune of 7 million.  The infamous dossier – which suggested Trump himself was compromised and open to financial blackmail by the Kremlin, resulting in collusion between the two – was a collaboration between former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele; Fusion GPS, a Clinton-linked strategic think tank firm out of D.C.; and, as revealed in the Washington Post story, party funded and researched by the Clinton campaign.

How about the irresponsible handling of Benghazi?  The deaths of those American Hero’s don’t constitute criminal charges against Hillary?

I am pretty sure if I jay-walk across the street I am going to get a ticket and will have to pay a fine.  I am positive that I would not get off with a warning.

I do not understand what the Liberal Democrat party sees in Hillary Clinton.  She has a proven track record of being an outright criminal and our government does absolutely nothing about it.   She should be in jail doing time.

What would it take to not make the Clinton Crime Family above the law?

I would be interested in what people think of this?

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