The Great American Cereal Caper



Advertisers all over the world are in for some serious trouble.  Now it appears that over sensitive groups (Liberals) are on the attack.    This weeks victim – Kellogg’s Corn Pops.   It appears that Marvel Comics writer Saladin Ahmed studied the package and found a brown corn pop on the back of the package working as a janitor.   How racially insensitive!  Kellogg’s was required to apologize for this and the artwork is being redone on the boxes.

So, my question would be – what if it was a white pop doing the work?  Would that be white supremacy? Would it be prejudicial because only the white pop got a job and the rest of the pops didn’t?

The incredible stupidity of the American Society is growing.

What happens when the go after “Fruity Pebbles Cereal?”   Will that be an attack on gays and lesbians?  What about Count Chocula?  Will that be an attack on black vampires?  Will  the Frosted Flakes Tony the Tiger be an attack on Tigers?  Will animal activists be in an uproar (pun)?  What about Lucky Charms?  Captain Crunch? Trix?  Are rabbits, white captains and leprechaun’s on the hit list?

Is it a time in America where marketing needs to go away?   Should everything be packed in just a plain cardboard box with the name of the product written on it?   Should there be no people used in marketing?  Animals can’t be used either.   The overly sensitive racial groups in America really need to get a life.  To simply look for reasons to be a crybaby is a reflection on their weakness as a human being.   There are all sorts of varieties of skin colors of the human species, just as dogs and cats have different color hair.  The different colors doesn’t make us better or worse because it is what is inside that counts. So are the days of marketing over?

If I were Kellogg’s in this case, I would have been on the fence on what to do.  An apology and a package change certainly appeased the stupidity of America and protected their sales but did it send the wrong message?  I guess it is important to protect the company and those people working there.  I would have posed this question to Saladin Ahmed the Marvel Comics Writer – If we were to change nothing on our package except the color skin  on the only pop that appears to be working, what color would it be?  Would he have an answer?  Is he just a whining crybaby?  Perhaps we should look at his Marvel characters.   Is his Spiderman character racist?  After all he is a white child?  Couldn’t he have been a black or brown Spiderman?  After all most spiders are black and brown.  When you think about Marvel’s characters most have a light skin.  Saladin, why are you casting your characters in a specific race?

Most intelligent people just understand that we all have differences and race, creed or color make absolutely no difference.  It is a shame liberal crybabies have to make it something it is not.  I would hate to be working in the advertising field now.  Can you image how hard it would be to create a package?  What about a television commercial.  Can you afford to have an actor of each race and creed in the commercial?  Should you dare to use a cartoon character?  Would a stick figure be racist?

These people should be ashamed of themselves.  They are just showing the world how hollow and shallow their character is.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Unbelievable ignorance and unfounded anger along with entitlement is so costly. It still amazes me that intelligent beings who claim a scientific beings stand on lies that can be disproven in a heartbeat. Colors of skin mean no more then colors of hair do. We are all one imperfect race. Differences of opinion are simply that.Truth, action and love are what is needed. There used to be a thing called “first do no harm”. I am astounded that so many have chosen to leave behind adult behavior and love, in order to turn to selfish , boring & childish attacks and lies. We have within our grasp the ability to make life better for so many, but we choose not to. Yes, it is a choice! We say we care about slavery but only look at the errors of 200 years ago rather than correct and rescue the slavery that goes on today. We say we care about injustice, and yet we kill innocent people every day. Some by abortion, some lack of food and medicine, and some by hate and neglect. Instead we put money into shows about who can make the best cupcake.We talk about the injustice of lack in our world and pour millions into entertainment and toys instead. The truth is if we really cared, and really loved, we would be doing something positive for those that hurt or need instead of paying great amounts of money to actors and sports figures to distract ourselves. We would not be tearing each other down and spouting negative comments, and we would be stepping up to help. It shouldn’t be dangerous just to exist, but that is what our behavior has resulted in. May God help us to wake up before it’s too late to make a real difference in this world for good.

  2. Mike says:

    There is much more to this stupidity – in this article this morning.

    Those that walk today will be judged by future generations, just like the current generations are judging the past. The question remains on how long future generations will exist.

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