The News Media and Entertainment Industry has Polarized America

News and Entertainment Industry

News and Entertainment Industry

With the population in the United States around 343 million people it is very surprising to see how such a small group of people in the media and entertainment industry has polarized this country.

Now the media industry is growing at is expected to be about 2.2 trillion dollars by 2021. The problem is that people have begun to rely on this small group of people for information, information which is disseminated to particular political views.

When the media industry tries to make its case for its opinions it begins with polarizing the nation with people like Colin Kaepernick. This is one person out of 343 million who decides to disrupt an entire industry because of what he thinks. The problem is that mathematically his opinion works out to be 0.000000003 of the population. So who cares? I don’t give a hoot what he thinks and I shouldn’t. He does not matter. President Trump and Hillary Clinton make up this same small percentage of the population as well. Their opinions don’t matter either. The reality is my opinion does not matter. We all have opinions but should we care?

So when authors write news articles people need to understand that these are opinions based on what factual data they could come up with. The data does not have to be correct, true, accurate, precise or unerring. People assume that since the information comes from a supposed prestigious news organization that it is factual. The reality is that is is not. News organizations like the rest of the entertainment industry are in business to make money and take a piece of this 2.2 trillion dollar industry. Their job is to sell news papers, or make advertising revenue off of television or their websites. Their job is not as people would believe which would be to tell the truth. Writing articles about the truth does make money. Sensationalism, polarization and politicizing events makes money.
When the media is able to polarize a topic it drives hordes of people to their websites, pushes their agenda on social media and makes them gobs of money. Think about all the publicity that happened over the death of 4 American hero’s recently. The sensationalism of opposing views sold newspapers. It did nothing to honor the American hero’s that died for our country. Do you think the families of those fallen soldiers received compensation? No, but the media sure did.

Famous people from this same industry, Hollywood actors, Film Moguls, Music Artists, Sports Figures and the like all try to get their names in lights for money. I have to call out the lack of integrity in most of these people. When someone is caught doing something bad it is like a game of dog-pile. Everyone piles on, says it happened to them too just so the can get publicity. It is all about them – not about you or I.

The more I read about events on the websites the more I am assured that the honesty and integrity of reporting the actual facts of events have gone out the window.

Sports Athletes

I don’t care much about sports athletes. Most are highly compensated for what they do. They are supposed to entertain. Some do and do great things. Others use their position for political gains, wealth and power. I suppose if they just played sports to entertain us it would be fun like it used to be. That has all been spoiled by that 0.000000003 percentage of the population. It is no longer fun.


It is the same with Hollywood. I like watching movies. Many actors are very good at entertaining. That is what I pay for. It is when they open their mouths and begin to tell me how I should think, act or feel I am completely turned off. Quite frankly I don’t give a hoot about what they think. I want them to entertain me and that is all. Just because they are wealthy does not mean that what they have to say means anything to me. It doesn’t.


Politicians are especially deceitful. There is no other position in America where money, bribes and power are in control. Show me a honest politician. They all start out with great intentions but in a short time they are all corrupt by money. The politicians that already have money are in position for power and power only. These people are making decisions that impact my life in one way or another. They infringe on my rights. They take what little money I have, and try to tell me what is right and wrong. They try to polarize their thoughts into something we should all follow. They use the media and entertainment industry like a puppet. Whatever they say is reported, like I really care what they think.

Politicians act like we are all sheep and have no brains of our own. Due to the tremendous power they wield we are stuck by having to follow their laws, pay enormous taxes and have egregious losses of rights. We are told that we have to deal with these infringements on our rights and we need to accept them. The news and media industry backs this up by telling us this is all okay and we just need to assimilate. I am not the Borg. (StarTrek)

Overall I blame the Media and Entertainment industry for the death of this country. The erroneous reporting of the facts has polarized the citizens in America in a way to be hostile to one another. Racialism, hate groups, terrorism, the destruction of our history, the shredding of the Constitution and the decline of Religion are completely tearing the fabric of this country apart. The misstatement of facts and the polarization of the left and right being incited by the media is destroying our Republic.

I do spend time writing my blog and my political opinions which I believe most could care less about. After all, I have been sucked into this dilemma like so many others. I am beginning to believe that watching the news reporting is doing a deliberate amount of damage to my social health and wellbeing. After-all, the only thing that seems to affect me personally is when the government takes more of my personal wealth in the form of taxes and redistribution. This gives me a lesser ability to provide for my family because others won’t. My safety and security are at a higher risk now than ever before. Why is that? It is because the Media and Entertainment industry has polarized the population so much into opposing groups that my safety is now at risk.

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