North Korea Prepares to Launch More ‘Satellites’

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North Korean officials are preparing more “satellite launches,” a move that while ostensibly scientific in nature could prove to have the dual purpose of advancing its ballistic missile technology.

Source: North Korea Prepares to Launch More ‘Satellites’

This is a very concerning development.  For those of you that have studied history about nuclear weapons in space, then you have studied that the Russian Federation was testing FOB’s which are stationary satellites that have nuclear weapons on them that are in orbit 300 miles above the surface of the Earth.  The Russian Federation gave North Korea the plans on how to make these type of satellites in the 1990’s.

These are extremely hard to defend from, and were outlawed, however North Korea is a rogue nation that does not follow any international laws.

If North Korea is allowed to place a stationary satellite above the United States we could be in a serious situation.   Currently North Korea already has two orbiting satellites, one that passes over the Central United States and one of the West Coast of the United States.   These satellites could use an EMP device to try to cripple our power grid however that is doubtful.   The Russian Federation experimented with these a couple of decades ago and found them to be difficult to control and a bit unreliable.   They do work however.

The bigger concern is North Korea launching Fractional Orbital Devices against the United States with their deployed satellites.   These are nuclear weapons that can be deployed low in the atmosphere at any target and there is zero time to respond.   I would hope the United States would take out their satellite if they place it in a stationary orbit above the U.S.   Of course this would be an act of war, but I don’t see that we would have a choice.

In the mean time it is about time to look for some freeze-dried survival rations.  It is not looking good.

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