Millennials think socialism would create a great safe space, study finds

The Russian Federation - Courtesy of Fox News

The Russian Federation – Courtesy of Fox News

Nearly half of all millennials in the United States believe the greatest safe space of them all would be living under a socialist regime.

Source: Millennials think socialism would create a great safe space, study finds

This article is an absolute shocker.   I realize that they interviewed only 2,000 millennials. I also realize that location in the country that these interviews took place could really change the results.  If this was in cities on either coast of the United States I would absolutely believe the results. I cannot believe that  millennials from the rural areas or breadbasket of America are having the same thoughts.

What I do see is a generation of entitled (of course not all – there are a group of wonderful millennials) that expect to get everything handed to them without working.  This is very clear when you see the demands for free healthcare, free food, free housing, free phones, cars etc.  There is a complete lack of understanding from this generation that people have to work to produce goods and services to pay for these things.

The welfare state (Socialism) has allowed the thinking in this country to progress this direction.  Socialism after all, provides that everyone has the same things and everything is taken care of by the government.  Perhaps these millennials should live in North Korea for a while and see what the evils of Socialism are.   There are less extreme examples of socialism, such as China and the Russian Federation.   Perhaps they should sit down and talk to some people that have immigrated from these countries to the United States.  They would find that there is very few freedoms in these countries.

What was amazing from the article was that the millennials that were surveyed believed that our first amendment rights to free speech should be suspended to keep people from saying things that were not politically correct.  These are the same people who are leading large protests and demonstrations.  Do they understand that there is no such thing as free assembly in a socialistic regime?

I would hate to see what this country will become in the next 50 years.   My life will be over, and as much as we all would like to live forever it would probably not be a good thing to see.

I struggle being a Patriot and having to see these things, read these things and deal with these types of people.  The disrespect of our country has reached a level of disgust and embarrassment.

Read the article for yourself and ask if this is the America you want to see.  Will you be brave enough to comment?

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