Mass Shootings

Mass Shootings are unacceptable.  Unfortunately I live in California.  Now living here next to South Lake Tahoe is a blessing.  It is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.   The reason I said unfortunately is that I am surrounded by liberal law makers that believe that guns kill people so they have removed most of our rights to defend ourselves.  They have not yet figured out how to outlaw knives completely yet.   The reality is that guns do not kill people, people kill people.

Thompson Machine Gun

Thompson Machine Gun

I have been waiting for an approval on my Conceal and Carry permit for 8 months and I am told it will probably be a year before I get to interview with the Sheriff’s office.  I am a law-abiding citizen that is following the rules that outlaws don’t have to follow.

The problem is that in America with all of these regulations cowards take to our Churches, Malls and Streets and use vehicles and guns to kill people.  They are cowards because they attack people who cannot defend themselves.   People riding on bicycles are no match for Trucks.  People in Church (unarmed) for prayer are no match with cowards with guns and rifles.

If America (Liberals I hope you are listening) had the right to carry arms like in the old days then perhaps this would stop.  You see, an armed assailant that enters a Church to kill would be met with the parishioners firing back.   There would be death of course which none of us wants, but not the carnage that we continue to see in the news.

I live in a very small community.  With today’s events you can see that even in a community with a population of 400 you are not safe from these cowards running the streets.

I am not one that lives my life in fear of death.  I am a bit pissed of when people are taking to the streets trying to drive fear into  Americans hearts.   I do not frequent malls or churches, but do have to go into the occasional pharmacy or grocery store.  I still buy fuel and go to an occasional event like a concert.   I don’t live in fear – I only want my right back to defend myself.  If all Americans (except criminals and prior felons) were armed we would have a lot less mass carnage.  Of course I believe there should be a few laws to keep people in check.  Guns, alcohol and drugs don’t go together.  If you have been convicted of any of these offenses misdemeanor or felony you should not be allowed to carry one.  There would probably be an exception if we were attacked by armies from a foreign government.

I am saddened by the loss of lives in our country.  It is hard for me to sit back and see innocent adults and children killed by armed cowards.     My heart goes out to those families that have had losses of their loved ones.   I only wish there was another way to stop these cowards from acting.  Taking away guns from honest citizens with no criminal record is not the answer.  Then only the cowards will be armed and there will be more mass killings.

I am a responsible gun owner.  I have no intent in using mine to take lives unless it is in the defense of mine or my family.  If I was armed and something like this happened;  if I had no way to escape; I would fire my weapon and try to take this person’s life.  It would be something that would haunt me the rest of my life but something that had to be done.

American citizens will act in defense of others when it is necessary.  Our people in government need to understand that they have no right to take my rights.  They won’t be there when there is a mass shooting.  Law enforcement will arrive after the event has already taken place.  It is time our government restore all of our second amendment rights.  Everyone has the God-given right to protect their own lives.

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  1. Colleen says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that law makers, politicians, and actors think that thugs and terrorists will quietly follow the law. Such naive souls!!! Have they never attended a trial? They follow the path of pre-world war Germany and pretend to be hostile about those who terrorize when they actually create the problem regardless of nationality. This is because they are the ones giving terrorists easy targets, so in a sad, sick way, they enable them. I emplore them to pick a side and stop hiding behind supposed compassion that leaves the helpless open for destruction .. wake up!

  2. Mike G says:

    It is difficult for me to understand why people do not understand that the solution to this problem is in front of their faces. They choose instead to try to outlaw the very thing that people need to protect themselves. Criminals will always have guns. The black market for guns is a thriving business because thugs cannot get guns they way honest folk do. The press never talks about the fact that when murders occur whether the weapon was stolen or not. This is a fact they don’t want the public to know. With drug and alcohol abuse at such high rates people with no criminal record can obtain a gun and use it. If they want to have gun control then control the people that have criminal records, records of drug and prescription pain killer abuse and alcohol abuse. They may find that this will lower the stats but it will never affect the fact that criminals will always be able to kill.

  3. Mike says:

    I just started reading an article about the Texas massacre on the Fox News Site. You should see the comments people are posting. All I can say is what is the matter with people? They make it into a political or racist event. Its neither. People are dead!

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