2017 Real Time Death Statistics in America



2017 Mortality statistics for USA – Current death rate for America.

Source: 2017 Real Time Death Statistics in America

Nice Website that tally’s death statistics in real-time based on past trends.  Notice Abortion is at the top of the list – approaching 1 million so far this year.   Gun Deaths by contrast are just shy of 10,000.

My point is, that I can’t tell women what they can do  with their bodies.  It is their choice to make and to live with.

My pistol has done nothing.  It is armed and ready to protect me and my family.  It has not taken a life nor does it intend to do so.   My carrying it is protected under the second amendment, because I have the God-given right to protect myself and family in pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Something to think about.

Don’t tell me I can’t have my gun and I won’t talk to you about your abortion rights.   When judgement day comes I will have nothing to fear.


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