Tom Steyer Commercials – Not Telling the Truth

Tom Steyer has been putting a lot of commercials on television lately trying to get signatures to impeach President Trump.

Tom is a liberal worth about 1.5 Billion Dollars – money he made through banking.    He has provided huge donations to the Democratic Party for millions of dollars.

Tom Steyer, Courtesy Wikipedia

Tom Steyer, Courtesy Wikipedia

First of all people need to understand and read between the lines.   Steyer has no grounds to impeach the President.  He is using the media to get his name out there because he wants to run for Governor of California and launch his career in politics.  This is about power.  Having money is not enough for these types of people.  It is about power and ruling people and making them follow his lead and laws.   We already have a loon in California named Governor Moonbeam.

As I do have appreciation for people who make their way in this world – Tom being a self-made billionaire, I don’t appreciate his dishonesty or intentions.   Why down the President?   Because that makes him more popular with the Liberals.   Tom, why don’t you tell the truth?

Tom would have you believe that he has the power through petition to impeach the president.  He has no such power.  If you want to know what is required to impeach a President “Google it.”   Tom has zero evidence to proceed with any type of impeachment and he is not a member of Congress so he cannot start impeachment proceedings.  His television commercials are a complete fabrication of what he can do. With his billions he can put his political opinion in newspapers and on television.  Nobody can stop him.  This is America and businesses are here to make money.

So an intelligent person would ask why would Tom Steyer spend 10 million on advertising against President Trump?  Its real simple.  He is a liberal lune that wants to become a politician and cater to the snowflakes.  Sorry Tom, but this is the real truth.  If you want to read about Tom Steyer and his political motives read his Wikipedia Page.

Since I am not a Millionaire my only outlet is my blog.  This is solely my opinion which is my constitutional right.



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