News Media and Sex Scandals

Lately it seems that the news media has nothing better to do than to write about sex scandals.   It is scandals about female teachers having sex with underage students and men abusing women.



I assume this is something that sells clicks for ad revenue.

As a normal American I cannot understand why women for example all of a sudden come out of the closet on sexual allegations against men sometimes 30 years later.   It is the same with men accusing other men of sexual misconduct.  What is the point? Something that happened a long time ago (if it did) should have been reported to the police and charges should have been brought.   Now it is just popular to say I was abused.

What about the #metoo hashtag on Twitter.   Really?  The hashtag was severely abused on social media for nothing more than to get attention.

Is this about money?  Is it about destroying careers of men or women?  Is it somehow popular to accuse someone of misconduct?

Women are not innocent (not all of them).   There are women out there that know how to work men.   They use men to get what they want.  This is not a secret.  They work men for promotions, power, money and other things.   Sex is a tool that they use to get what they want.   I am sure that the scenario could be reversed – men using women but most of the time it is not that way.

In Hollywood it is no secret that trading sex for movie roles is something that happened in the past and is happening now.  We are not stupid.

Teachers have been having sex with students for decades.  This is both men and yes, women.  This is not a big revelation.  Females pray on young males, just as old males pray on younger females.   This is human nature.   In the past people were married at 15.  They were having children and sex in their teenage years.   Just because the laws have changed and life spans have increased does not change the desires young people have.  It is true that the bible teaches us what the proper behavior is.  It is also true that religion has taken a back seat on society for decades.

People are loosing their careers for mistakes that they have made.  I doubt there is one underage male that had sex with an older female teacher that complained about it.   It goes the same for women.   They were not abused – they wanted sex and they got it.   It is the same for all of those Hollywood women that are complaining.   There was nothing that forced them to have sex with these men.  If it was rape, then why was it not reported to the Police and a rape kit taken with evidence and prosecution?  It is because it wasn’t rape.  It was consensual.

Something about people make them crave their moment of fame.  Getting a story posted on the media or a cash settlement is what they are after.   Fame and Fortune.

Sensationalism of huge sexual titles in the news sells newspapers and on the Internet, advertising clicks generate revenue.   Is there no more news than the relentless spin of the media on racism, LBGTQ and Trump.

When people realize this they will stop clicking on these stupid stories, they will stop tuning into the news in the evening and will find something more productive to do with their lives.   I am already bypassing the news on the television.   I still see the news on the Internet.   I am trying harder to find news sites that are not full of biased opinions and sex.   It is very difficult.

I have conservative values, but that does not make me a racist or sexist. Isn’t it time to eliminate the sexism in the media?

Isn’t it time for real honest news reporting?  I would like to see things in the news about what is going on in the world, science and technology.  I am sick of sex, politics, demonstrations and racism dominating the news.  If this was reduced perhaps the country would start coming back together.

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  1. Mike says:

    Several weeks after I wrote this article the sex scandals continue to flow and are at an all time high. Women are looking for fame by accusing and many men in important positions are being accused so they can pay out cash to stop the scandals. This is a poor situation for anyone who is rich. I am not saying that these men didn’t do what is said because I do not know. My question would be why after as long as 20 to 30 years is this just coming out? Is this a popularity contest? Is it for Money? Is it for Fame? If these events really happened why have they not been prosecuted and these men done jail time? Makes you kind of question the integrity of these accusations.

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